Digital Toolkits

The Digital Toolkits, developed by the Flexible Online Learning Unit, build on the support given to staff and students and act as a resource that provides knowledge, support, and signposting. The toolkits contain information relevant to teaching and learning, exams, assessments, and ATU Donegal's Virtual Learning Management system and other digital tools.

The Staff Toolkit contains a course design planner as well as information & tutorials on how to successfully use the educational technologies at ATU Donegal.  Both the 'Course Design Planner' and the Staff 'Digital Toolkit' work side-by-side, unpacking the elements needed for a successful course structure while providing staff with appropriate instructional information to implement their learning designs. Staff Digital Toolkit is accessible here

Student Digital Toolkit

The ATU Donegal Student Toolkit is available to all ATU Donegal students. The Toolkit contains information, guidance, support and signposting for students. It includes opportunities to practice completing and submitting tests and assessments through Blackboard, ATU Donegal’s virtual online environment.

The toolkit aims to equip students with easy access to the information and supports they need to be successful throughout their ATU Donegal journey, whether undergraduate, postgraduate, flexible or online. The Student Toolkit can be accessed via the Blackboard course window and is available to all students and staff.