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Contact Us

The Flexible Online Learning Team are ready to assist you with queries related to Learning & Teaching and the integration of educational technologies. We have a joint email inbox that all the team monitor, so we recommend first-contact queries be sent there, to ensure an appropriate response from the right member of the team.

Click here to contact the FOL Unit

For Staff

If you are a member of staff and you need specific technical support - related to error messages or issues signing into your account - then please contact the ithelpdesk.donegal@atu.ie 

Contact dan.friel@atu.ie if the query is related to the technical issues in Blackboard. We work closely with Dan Friel to support your use of Blackboard as he deals with the technical set up of the system.

For Students

As a student your first point of contact, if you have any issues with the digital learning environments at ATU Donegal, should be your Academic Tutor or Department / School.

If you have specific issues logging into accounts and getting access to the ATU Donegal systems, please contact ithelpdesk.donegal@atu.ie