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your-businessSince its establishment in 1971, LYIT has enjoyed a long and distinguished tradition of engagement with a range of external stakeholders including Employers and Industry, Professional Bodies, Government and Regulatory Bodies, Community and Voluntary Sectors, Other Education and Training Providers and Alumni. 

In this context LYIT is operating to emerging good practice in relation to both Etzkowitz’s original Triple Helix Model (2008) and the UK National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education’s Entrepreneurial University (2013) based largely on the work of Gibb. 

The Original triple Helix model of regional development has now been extended to at least a Quadruple Helix Model involving unleashing the Regional Innovation System development synergies from getting 4 key components of the Regional Innovation Ecosystem working collaboratively together; these 4 key actors include Higher Education, Government, Industry and the Community and Voluntary Sectors. 

LYIT remains fully committed to continuing to proactively engage with key external partners to contribute to the future development of the North West Region. 

Every year our research center collaborates with companies in diverse ways to help them achieve their help-your-businessobjectives.

The Development Office at LYIT is responsible, along with the Office of the President and Heads of Schools, for leading our regional, cross-border, national and international engagement. 

Through our Strategic Plan, the Development Office coordinates LYIT’s external engagement in Research, Innovation and Enterprise, Lifelong Learning and Internationalisation. 

The Office of Development at LYIT occupies an intermediate space between LYIT and the External Environment. 

Across the domain of our External Engagements, we are operating towards a best practice emerging model of Regional Innovation called the Quadruple Helix Theory. All of our efforts are towards promoting a regionally engaged and pro-active Higher Education Institution working creatively with Government, Business/Industry and Civic Society. Our specific intention is to contribute to the emergence of a dynamically adaptive and transdisciplinary knowledge and innovation ecosystem in the North West Region leading ultimately to Employment Creation and Economic Growth. 

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