It’s perfectly normal to wonder whether or not it’s right for you to stay in college.  Maybe your circumstances have changed which now make it difficult for you to continue your studies, or maybe college is not quite what you thought it might be.  Deferring or deregistering from your course is a big decision, and therefore it is important that you consider your options and the financial implications of such a decision.

Deferring involves withdrawing from a course with the intention of returning to the same course, while deregistering involves withdrawing from a course with no intention of returning to that course.  Before you decide to defer your place for one year or deregister from your course, we recommend that you meet with your Head of Department (HoD) to discuss your options.  Additionally, LYIT has various Support Services available if you would like some advice or guidance in reaching the best decision for you; these include the Careers Officer, the Curve, the SU Welfare Officer and the Admissions Office.  Information on the financial implications of withdrawing is available here .

Deferral of Place

A deferral is where a student, due to exceptional circumstances beyond their control, formally withdraws from the course they are registered on, with the intention of returning to the same course the following academic year.  Exceptional circumstances can include, but are not limited to the following - medical condition, significant financial difficulties, bereavement in family.  The procedures for deferring are as follows:

  1. Students seeking a deferral must complete this Application Form.
  2. The form must be submitted with supporting evidential documentation (if applicable) to the relevant HoD, who must co-sign the form in order to indicate their approval. 
  3. The student should submit the approved form to the Admissions Office, together with their student card.
  4. Fees and refunds are calculated based on the date of Head of Department approval.  It is important that forms are submitted promptly to Admissions once completed and co-signed by the HoD.
  5. Admissions Office will contact the student in advance of the next academic year.
  6. Students must contact the Admissions Office prior to returning to confirm their intention to return.

Deregister from Course

If you wish to leave and you have no intention of returning to the same course, you should complete the official deregistration process.  Prior to undertaking the deregistration process please make sure you get as much advice as you can from an appropriate staff member, including your School Office and Student Services.  You should also familiarise yourself with the fee implications of your deregistration.

Instructions for Deregistering:

  1. Click on the deregistration link and logon using your LYIT username and password.
  2. Complete the survey – all information is treated in the strictest of confidence and will only be seen by those staff processing your request.
  3. You will be asked if you have discussed this request with a staff member. If you have not spoken to anyone then you may be contacted by a staff member.
  4. After you have answered all questions, submit your request. You can choose to receive an email receipt of your responses.
  5. Your registration record will be updated within a few days of the confirmation of your withdrawal. You will be notified by Admissions when your registration record has been updated.
  6. Once you receive confirmation of your withdrawal, you should return your LYIT Student Card to the Admissions Office.