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(New Students)

For new full-time year 1 undergraduate students, registration consists of two stages - stage 1 can be undertaken at home where you complete the online part of registration, while stage 2 takes place on campus.

Stage 1:  At Home 

  • Online registration 
  • Quickscan Assessment & Learning Traits Screener (Online registration must be completed first)

Stage 2:  On Campus

  • Garda Vetting (if applicable)
  • School and Department induction (On-Campus & Online).

1.  Online Registration

Information on registering online will be issued to you by email.  Once you receive this information you can click here to begin the online element of registration.  Registering online includes fee payment - click here for details on fees.  Students wishing to pay by instalments should:

  • Complete the registration process, tick the terms and conditions and confirm registration buttons.
  • In Registration Fees click the ‘Partial Payment or Pay Later’ button and follow the on-screen instruction.  Instalment 1 is a minimum of 25% of the total annual fee.  To avail of this option students are required to complete and submit an instalment agreement.

2. ID Photograph

You will upload your photo for use on your student ID card in the Action Item Photo Upload on your online registration account.

3.  HEA Survey  

First year students are required to complete the HEA Survey.  The HEA survey can be undertaken as part of your online registration action item HEA Access Survey.  Note – you must be registered first prior to undertaking the HEA Survey.
The Equal Access Leaflet outlines the purpose of this survey, while you can click here for further information on Data Protection at ATU-Donegal.
Information on the HEA Data Collection can be obtained by clicking here.   The Equal Access Leaflet outlines the purpose of this survey, while you can click here  for further information on Data Protection at ATU Donegal.  Information on the HEA Data Collection can be obtained by clicking here.

4.  Quickscan Assessment & Learning Traits Screener

The Quickscan Assessment is operated by ATU- Donegal Learning Support Unit - The Curve. This test is conducted to determine your preferred learning styles, and as an aid to identify any specific learning strengths and weaknesses you may have, some, perhaps you may not have been aware of. The test itself is a simple computerised test that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The results of this test are used to identify students who may need additional support via The Curve, e.g., for study skills, general language skills, maths, dyspraxia, visual stress, or with general learning confidence. The Quickscan Assessment is also undertaken on Registration Day.

The Learning Traits Screener will help students identify their own unique learning traits. This will be of great benefit to students as they come to term with independent learning in the college setting. The screener is based on the work of William Dodson M.D. an international expert in this field. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you should have any queries about the screener please contact the Curve room 3456.

5.  Garda Vetting (where applicable)

A number of courses at ATU-Donegal require students to obtain Garda Vetting. Students who have applied for these courses will receive a Garda Vetting form via link here. It is essential that the completed form, along with appropriate ID, ( Garda Vetting Information ) are brought with you to stage 2 of the on-campus registration activities for these codes will be provisional until Garda Vetting is successfully completed.

6.  Induction

All students are advised to access the online induction via the Student Toolkit. Online induction will introduce each of the support services, blackboard, Office 365 plus other useful information. In addition to the online induction, students are advised to engage with the rolling Connect for Success Induction Programme. Each Faculty/Department runs specific induction for each first-year class groups. This gives students a chance to meet and get to know their class group and staff. The course requirements specific to your programme will also be outlined for you. You will be given vital tips and hints on settling into college and succeeding in your course. Individual departmental induction schedules will be available from here in early September.

Department of Early Education & Social Studies
1.1    Induction Handbook-Inclusive Practice for Special Needs Assistance Students
1.2    Induction Handbook-Early Childhood Care, Health and Education Students
1.3    Induction Handbook-Health and Social Care Students

Department of Nursing & Health Care
2.1   Year 1 Induction Dept of Nursing and Health Care Sept 2023
2.2    Vaccines for Year 1 Nursing Students

Department of Life & Physical Sciences
3.1    Induction Life & Physical Sciences 2023
3.2    Letter for Agriculture Students
3.3    Letter for Dental Nursing Students
3.4    Letter for Health Science Students
3.5    Letter for Pharmacy Technician Students
3.6    Letter for Science Students
3.7    Letter for Veterinary Nursing Students
3.8    Year 1 Student Registration Checklist

Department of Business Studies
4.1    Induction Schedule 2023

Department of Law, Public Service and Education
5.1    Induction Schedule 2023
Department of Design & Creative Media
6.1   Induction Schedule 2023

Department of Tourism & Sport
7.1   BA in Culinary Arts Induction Schedule 2023
7.2   Cert in Culinary Skills Induction Schedule 2023
7.3   Hospitality Induction Schedule 2023
7.4   Sports Induction Schedule 2023

Department of Electronic & Mechanical Engineering
8.1   Induction 2023 Arrival Guide

Department of Civil Engineering and Construction
9.1    Induction Arrival Guide 2023

Department of Computing
10.1   Induction 2023 Arrival Guide
10.2 Follow the timetable for your course which can be found under the student hub here.
If you are having any difficulties please go to the administration office for the School of Engineering and Technology on the first floor.