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College is a big step with many rewards but also challenges.  Counselling can be helpful for all kinds of difficulties, both academic and personal.  You could be dealing with something serious that you’ve struggled with for many years, or it could be something small which has happened recently.  Maybe you don’t even know exactly what the problem is but are finding it difficult to cope.

We can help you to work out what is bothering you, and think about what steps you can take to make it better.  Do not hesitate to contact us when something is urgent.  Emergencies will be given priority and will be seen on the day.

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Resources for Managing During Covid

# Resource Documents
1   For front-line student workers during Covid-19
2   5 Steps to manage your mental health during Covid -19
3   During Covid -19 How to manage uncomfortable feelings … they too will pass
4   Resources to manage feelings of stress, fear or anxiety during the Covid -19 Shutdown

College Life can be Stressful

Not all stress is bad for us. When our body goes into the stress response it is preparing us to be more alert and responsive, to help us face challenges we are encountering.  Research shows that what we do in our everyday activities such as socialising, eating, sleeping, exercising all impact on our biological capacity to manage our levels of stress. It shows how reaching out to others, eating well, getting adequate sleep and exercising are all actions we can take to help ourselves not feel over stressed when encountering challenging life events.

Stress and coping strategies
Text 50808 - a 24/7 anonymous text support service

To Fail is to Succeed

Failure is a normal part of life that we have all experienced. When we fail at something, some of us react by seeing it as a temporary setback and try again, while others perceive failure as a terrible thing with no hope of improvement. If we understand the psychological reasons why we are primed to react to failing at something, we can use this knowledge to help us to see failure as a necessary stepping stone along the path to success.  Click links below for further information about:

Mindsets: How we react to failure 
Failure: How our response to failure can be the secret to success 

21-day Campaign

The ATU Donegal Student Counselling Service, supported by the ATU Donegal Student Union, is launching the 21 Day Campaign towards positive mental health. It is an initiative based on research that shows how small changes in our behaviour can impact positively on our mental health. We can, by committing to do small behaviours over 21 Days, prime ourselves to having better mental health. So, go on give it a try, click link for further information about:

Positive Mental Health Campaign.

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