Support for Graduates

GraduatesAll ATU Donegal Graduates can avail of the Careers Service for up to two years post-graduation.

Lots of vital information available on all aspects of your career in association with AHECS Higher Education.

If you cannot find the information on our website, the Careers Officer can be contacted by phone on +353 (0)74 918 6812, by e-mail, or by dropping in to the Student Support Services reception, An Dánlann. 

IT Related Videos

Graduate It Skills Deficit - Guidewire, AOL
Agile skills, Research, Implement your final year project in an agile way, code maintainability, clean code. 

IT Telephone interviews and Code Tests-Guidewire, AOL
Length of technical phone interview, course, final year project, subjects you like, GitHub repositories, code test, problem solving ability, base technical skills. Agile development environment explained - product owner, iterative drops of the software, online assessment.

Graduate Technical CVs-AOL, Guidewire
GitHub, projects, extra-curricular interests, open source projects, stack overflow.

Whiteboard interviews explained -Guidewire, AOL 
Technical and analytical skills, architecture of the code or a problem they solved, understand train of thought, explaining complicated concepts. 

Careers Fairs 

Making the most of Careers Fair 
Why companies attend, talking to employers, prepare your questions, CV, asking questions, learn about the role, making an informed choice, getting advice, following up afterwards.

Online Presence 

Graduates: The importance of an online presence  
Involvement in community, GitHub community, following their passions, building connections, social networks are a huge resource, LinkedIn, follow up after presentations, tweeting recruiters, being active on social media, engaging in the business and technology world.

CVs & Application Forms

Tips for effective Graduate CVs 
Well-structured 2- 2.5 page CV, Simple, Well laid out, use the language in the job spec, selling your language skills, Tailoring your CV to maximise the relevant information, Check, Overall package – education, skills set, work experience.

Completing Graduate Application Forms 
Volume of applications, targeting the application form, researching the company, wow factor, what is your value add, career motivation, tailoring applications.

Interviewing / Assessment Centres 
Competency Based  
Examine all areas of your experience, all your experience is valid, CARL – Circumstances, Action, Results, Learning; focusing on your contributions, Using the STAR framework, SIR – Significant Impact Result.

Questions to ask at the end of the interview
What would I expect to be doing in the first few months, opportunity to learn more about the company, shows an interest in the job, ask about us and the work we are doing, asking about those who have been successful – what made them successful, if your questions have been answered, insight into culture, 1 2 way street- need to make sure it is the right opportunity for you.

Succeeding at telephone interviews
Phone manner, know their CV/application form, career goals, don’t say yes if it’s not a good time to talk, why did they apply to this role, why this company, environment, take notes, asking questions at the end.

Tips for completing video interviews
Do it in your own time, timeframes, one chance, preparation, presentation, environment, language tests through video interviews, no bio feedback, practice.

Group Activity in Assessment Centres 
Put yourself forward, sharing ideas, listening, clear communicators, group dynamics, getting trapped in a role, summarising, collaborating, contributing.

Developing Skills 

The importance of extra-curricular activities for students/graduates 
Enactus, Differentiate yourself, Drawing competencies from extracurricular activities, values, wider campus life, societies, volunteering, Erasmus.

The importance of work experience for students and graduates

Skills Deficits in graduates
PC Skills, Excel, digitally savvy, overinflating competence, language skills.