COVID-19 Staff Support Information

Welcome to LYIT’s staff information page on COVID-19.

This webpage contains relevant up to date information to LYIT staff in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Since mid-March, staff at Letterkenny Institute of Technology have shown adaptability, perseverance and resilience as the Institute moved to a very different working environment. In light of current public health guidelines and the changes necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, an LYIT Covid Response Planning Team has been set up to work through a Covid response plan. This is to enable staff to return to each campus in line with the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol and the easing of Covid restrictions. In the meantime, temporary remote working arrangements will continue where possible and in agreement with your line manager.

The wellbeing of our staff, students and wider community is of paramount importance and we can all work together to ensure that this is protected.

Message from President

Dear all

I hope you have had some time for rest and relaxation over the summer months?  As we turn our attention to the beginning of the new academic year there is no doubt we are facing a year like no other.  The situation regarding Covid-19 is constantly changing as illustrated by the Government restrictions announced earlier this week.

Significant work has been ongoing over the summer to protect the health and safety of both staff and students as you return to campus either in Letterkenny or Killybegs.  To this end there is important information that you need to make yourself familiar with before returning to work.

It has been decided rather than sending numerous emails with various attachments, a repository will be established on the staff hub on the Institute website which will be easily accessible.  It is our intention that all relevant material will be made available through this source and you will be signposted to it when any new documents are added, information is updated or when a response is required from yourselves.  This facility will be available early next week at the following link  There will obviously be direct communication from your relevant line managers concerning specific activity in functional areas but it is hoped that the central repository will be of benefit in your own preparation and planning for the new year.

In closing, I would just like to thank you for the huge efforts made since March to ensure that the Institute continued to operate successfully and I wish you well for the coming year.  As I said at the beginning, this will be a year like no other, but the health and safety of staff and students is our main priority and by working together I’m sure we can achieve this objective.

Paul Hannigan

Government Circulars / HEI Guidance

LYIT Covid-19 Response Plan

Click here to find out more about LYIT’s Covid-19 Response Plan

Staff FAQs to Covid-19

Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Programme Delivery for Academic year 2020/2021

Staff survey in response to Covid 19

LYIT return to campus Induction and form

You can access the campus once you complete the following steps:

1.    Complete the COVID-19 Return to Campus Induction Video
2.    Complete the Covid-19 Return to Work Form.
Please return this form to Sheral Hetherington, HR Office,  3 days before seeking to access any LYIT campus.

3.    Communicate with your manager about visiting LYIT/returning to work.

Please note you will not gain access to an LYIT campus until you complete the above steps.
Please note that if your circumstances change you will need to complete this form again and inform the HR Office accordingly at,


Letterkenny Campus Covid-19 Building Information Maps

Killybegs Campus Covid-19 Building Information Maps

Guidance for Staff who become unwell with COVID-19 symptoms

Click here for guidance if you become unwell with possible COVID-19 symptoms while on campus.

LYIT Contact Tracing


LYIT Covid Response Planning Team

LYIT’s Covid Response Planning team was set up to work on a response plan to ensure return to work safely protocol requirements and control measures that staff should be engaging with, adhering to and aware of are in place. The team continues to meet regularly to ensure its community is protected.

The Covid Response Planning Team members include:

  • Henry McGarvey, Chair – VP for Finance and Cooperate Services
  • Mary Daly, Estates Manager
  • Helen McGrandles, Human Resources Manager
  • Hannah Glackin, Nurse Medical Centre
  • Laurence Dempsey, Health & Safety Officer
  • James Molloy, Lead Worker Representative
  • Karl McNulty, Lead Worker Representative
  • Cathy McGowan, Lead Worker Representative
  • Pat Campbell, Lead Worker Representative
  • Tommy Duddy, Lead Worker Representative
  • Mary Hernandez, Student Union President

As this is an ever-developing situation, we will be posting regular updates to this dedicated COVID-19 Staff Hub.

Remote Working Policy

The Covid 19 pandemic has triggered a profound change in how society will operate for the foreseeable future. Government advice is that where possible staff who can work from home, should continue to do so. Remote working is defined as a way of working at a location other than on LYIT campus using information technology to allow staff to perform some or all functions of their role, typically working from home and/or an alternative appropriate remote location. 

A Temporary Remote Working Policy will be available soon for all staff. The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance and support to Institute staff who may continue to work remotely, either on a partial or full-time basis, following the Return to Campus Protocols, specific and only during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keeping in regular contact

Staff who will be working remotely even on a partial basis, are advised of the importance of regular contact with their Heads of School/Department/Function/managers, work
colleagues, friends and family. You should utilise TEAMS, Face time, Skype, Zoom, etc. or equivalent alternatives to keep in regular contact during this time.

Keep up healthy routines

While some of us may not be able to keep up our normal routines, it is important to maintain a balance between working life and your own personal time. The HSE advises on the following to try and keep a healthy routine,

•    exercise regularly, especially walking - you can do this even if you need to self-quarantine
•    keep regular sleep routines
•    maintain a healthy, balanced diet
•    avoid excess alcohol
•    practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises
•    read a book.

Data Security

While staff are working remotely, it is even more important that special attention is practiced to keep data security, integrity and confidentiality in mind when processing personal data. The Institute’s Data Protection Policy continues to apply regardless of where the staff member is working. 

All Institute HR policies and procedures continue to apply while a staff member is working remotely.

Covid 19 Public Health information

Visit for the most up to date information relating to this current public health emergency.

Staff Assistance and Wellbeing

Looking after staff’s mental health is of paramount importance. A number of supports are available to all staff in relation to Minding Your Mental Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Crisis including the Institute’s Employee Assistance Programme EAP (a link which is provided below). The EAP is operated by VHI Healthcare, is a completely free, confidential service for all Institute employees and their immediate families (those living at home with them who are 18 years of age and older). You can avail of emotional support and counselling services where required by calling free and in confidence 24/7, 365 days a year – 1800 995 955

The EAP also offers a wide range of supports via their online hub.
Employee Assistant Programme:
Tel. No.: 1800 995 955 (ROI) or 0800 282 193 (NI),

Mental Health while Working Remotely (Avril's recording from 18th October 2020)  Access Passcode: A9u+h1rB