Access & Social Inclusion

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The Curve offers advice and support to all students in ATU Donegal and in particular students who may need additional support to ensure they reach their potential.

The Curve is committed to developing and promoting initiatives which seek to counter socio economic and learning disadvantage.

In particular we support students with disabilities, from ethnic minorities, low income families, as well as mature students.
The Curve also has a complete listing of part-time courses. To view a list of part-time courses click here.

Curve BrochureWe co-ordinate a range of accredited courses, including the highly popular Certificate in Preparatory Studies for Higher Education - courses which are reviewed and updated regularly to evolve with the changing demands for knowledge in the community and industry.

To learn more about The Curve, contact Brian by e-mail or call +353 (0)74 918 6170. Click on the image to view a brochure providing more detail on The Curve.

Fáiltíonn an príomhoifig san Aonad Tacaíochta Foghlama (An Cuar/The Curve) roimh fhiosruithe ghinearálta bhunúsacha i nGaeilge ~ The main office of the Learning Support Unit (The Curve) welcomes basic, general enquiries in Irish.