Research Areas & Centres

ATU Donegal is renowned as a centre of innovation in the region, engaged in pioneering projects that deliver tangible results.

WiSAR Lab - National Research Gateway

The WiSAR Lab benefits companies in the region who can draw on the expertise of our industry focused researchers and facilities.

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Learn more about our commitment to research and innovation, and the opportunities available from an academic and industry perspective.

Research Spotlights

We’ve long nurtured a culture of innovation in the North West. Here’s how that success is maintained.

Research Partnerships & Funding

The relationships we foster between academic and industry partners benefit the entire region. We also help facilitate funding opportunities.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Our Research Masters and Doctoral Degrees offer an opportunity to pursue an innovative project in tandem with your academic ambitions.

U-WELL - Student Mental Health and Wellbeing on the Island of Ireland

The U-WELL project aims to provide a better understanding of student mental health and to identify early intervention strategies