Fee Payment Advice

Payment methods

ATU Donegal Students can make payments via their Self Service Banner using your username and password. You can also pay by bank transfer directly to the Student Fees Account by requesting the bank details from feecollection.donegal@atu.ie
(Just to note ATU Donegal do not accept cash, cheques, or bank drafts as methods of payment)

Online payments can only be made using your personal computer or laptop. Please do not use a mobile phone for online payments.

Payment options & deadlines:

Students can choose one of the following payment plan options:

1. Pay 100% of your fees via using your student login details.

2. Pay 50% by October 31st 2023, and 50% by January 31st 2024 via Self Service Banner using your login details.

3. Pay 20% on the day of registration, 10% per month via Self Service Banner using your student login details. Eight monthly payments between October 20th to May 20th, full payments of fees by final deadline of June 1st. To avail of this option please complete the Instalment Plan Form available here. Payments must be received by the following dates:

1. October 20th 5. February 20th
2. November 20th 6. March 20th
3. December 20th 7. April 20th
4. January 20th 8. May 20th

Employer Funded Students

  • If your Employer is paying ATU for your fees you must email feecollection.donegal@atu.ie for an Employer Sponsor form.
  • At registration, you will be prompted to pay your fees. If you are an Employer funded student, you should select No under the payment section of registration.