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Strategic Plan

The approach to the development of Strategic Plan 2018-2022 differs from the approach taken to Strategic Plan 2014-17. In this instance staff and other stakeholder input was sought at a very early stage.

The focus for the future has to be to challenge the status quo and further accelerate the innovation that has got us to where we are.  One evident element of success of our previous strategy has been the formal agreements signed with many of our external partners which has involved bringing the outside in to a greater extent. Further exploiting these partnerships will be a theme of the new plan but there is also real potential in what could be viewed as bringing the inside out - that is, in further showcasing what the Institute has to offer this region.  Institute growth in 2018-2022 will be built on technological advances and innovation, involve new ways of deploying resources, include more flexible ways of addressing issues, be underpinned by a best practice focus, involve more interdisciplinary activity, and be delivered inclusively with our energetic internal and external stakeholders.

It is clear now that we need to align our activities internally so that we support each other to continue the Institute’s development. Success in these endeavours is dependent on facilitating, encouraging and supporting our staff in their particular areas of expertise. It is also evident that many of the opportunities available will require a strong focus on enhanced inter-disciplinary collaboration. Establishing the necessary supports to frame this new model of inter-disciplinary working, and engagement with our external partners, will be a priority for our new strategic plan.

This is a critical juncture for LYIT, recent developments and our many partnerships present the Institute with greater opportunities than ever before; as an Institute we are ambitious for our future and now is the time to plan for our 50th anniversary.

As with Strategic Plan 2014-17 access to a wealth of relevant documentation for the development of the new plan is available here.