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Student Induction

Welcome to ATU Donegal’s First5weeks Welcome Programme

ATU’s First5weeks Welcome Programme supports students’ transition to and retention in third level. This programme provides students with the opportunity to actively engage in college life, get to grips with their course, join a club or society, become a volunteer and develop a personal toolkit to live a healthy balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

We would like to warmly welcome you to ATU Donegal. Our First Years academic timetable will commence on Monday 16th September and details will be issued to you in your registration information.

During the first semester, Induction and Orientation Events will take place online and on campus. We encourage you to engage and connect with campus life and supports. Our First5weeks Welcome Programme is specifically designed to provide students with the necessary support and guidance, to enhance the college experience. To support you in your transition to this new academic year, you are requested to undertake a virtual induction and orientation which can be accessed via your student toolkit. Additionally, please familiarise yourself with the dates and times of your own programme induction (links included below).

Student First5Weeks Welcome Guide
Student Services
Maze Map Instructions

ATU Donegal’s First5Weeks Welcome Programme

  • First years – Click here for information on your Faculty and Department induction
  • Continue to familiarise yourself with the campus and your Student Toolkit.
    Most of your focus will be on figuring out your timetable, class locations and learning how to find your way around. Our student ambassadors are regularly on hand to help and introduce themselves.
  • IT Support
    Our computer Services Department provides various online software and services for students to assist with day to day functions of college life (check your student toolkit)
  • Student Toolkit
    The Student Toolkit is an online support tool where students will find all the information on the various resources in one location designed to support you through your journey in ATU Donegal. Located in the Student HUB Website:
  • Active Campus Programme-Active Walk/Jog

  • Fresher's Week
    Get involved with the many fun activities provided by your Students Union. The schedule includes activities that are designed to support your transition in college life at ATU Donegal
  • Engage in your College Life through Clubs and Societies
    Students are encouraged to get involved in the multiple Clubs and Societies available to them and encouraged to set up their own club/ society. Clubs and societies day will take place this week.
  • Meet your Student Services
    We invite you to drop in and say hello with your class
  • Introduction to the Curve
    We invite you to drop in and say hello with your class
  • Meet your Student Union
    We invite you to drop by and meet our SU Team.
  • Beginning of FAI Student 5-a-side Programme

Get to know your Student Services Supports on campus through your Student Toolkit

  • Health Service
  • Counselling Service
  • Chaplaincy
  • Sports Service

Keep a look out for ongoing initiatives/campaigns & training available throughout the academic year online and in person in Mental Health & Suicide Prevention & Consent

  • CLC Workshop- Academic Writing and Communications for Learning
    This online workshop provides an overview of the resources and services that are offered e.g practical advice on the process and structure of writing an essay, writing skills, critical thinking skills and presentation skills. Look out for emails from the CLC.

Explore the digital tools located in your student toolkit

  • Student Supports Week/ Refresher Week
    This week we will take the opportunity to remind you of all the fantastic student supports available to help you make the most out of your time at ATU Donegal.