You can access Factsheets on a wide range of mental health topics from this website.

The factsheets on the above website give reliable information on mental health topics and also offer first step advice on how to begin coping with issues.  The factsheets are available in pdfs, audio and video formats, they have received the Information Standard, which is a certification scheme within the NHS in the UK, which certifies the reliability of health and social care information.  

Factsheets on different mental health issues are also available in the Student Services corridor.  Factsheets are meant to provide general information/ guidance only.

1.Anxiety 15. Bulimia
2. Anorexia 16. Coping with Trauma
3. Parental Separation & Divorce 17. Child Sexual Abuse
4. Coming Out 18. Depression
5. Procrastination 19. Helping Someone you are Concerned
6. Homesickness 20. Self-Injury
7. Loneliness 21. Conflict with Others
8. Freshers 22. Bereavement
9. Alcohol & Drugs Questionnaire 23. Alcohol-Know About
10. Anxiety & Panic Attack 24. Post-Traumatic Stress
11. Alcoholism 25. Suicide
12. Adult Children of Alcoholics 26. Overcoming Presentation Anxiety
13. Assertiveness 27. Time Management
14. Anxiety & Panic Explained 28. How to Cope with Exams

For more specific and individual assistance, students should contact the ATU Donegal Student Counselling Service directly.  You can make an appointment by calling over to the Student Services Reception or by contacting the Student Services Administrator on 074 918 6855 or you can request an appointment by emailing the counsellor at counselling.donegal@atu.ie. *  

Please note that although every effort is made, the security of email communication cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore email communication should be limited to general queries only.