About Flexible Online Learning

The Flexible Online Learning (FOL) Unit is a central professional service team within ATU Donegal, established to support staff and students in the use of educational technologies. Uniquely positioned to work across all Departments and Schools, the FOL Team function in a consultative role, enabling staff to adopt digital tools that enhance their teaching practice.

FOL also provide dedicated support for students who need help with the Educational Technologies implemented at ATU Donegal.

FOL Key areas of support:

  • Workshops & Training
  • Course Design Planning & Development
  • Springboard courses
  • Guidance on learning resource creation

Additional to the staff and student support, the FOL Unit explores the wider digital sector, within education and externally, to draw in technologies that will help enhance the learning and teaching practices of ATU Donegal.

We recommend any staff wishing to discuss learning & teaching ideas further to visit our 'Contact' page.