ATU Donegal Student Software

ATU Donegal Students are provided access to a free range of software by a variety of software vendors.  Some of these agreements are an agreement between ATU Donegal and the software vendor, and other agreements are between the student and the software vendor.

Please note the terms & conditions regarding the use of software provided by the software vendors. This is not a guaranteed service, it may be withdrawn at any time for operational reasons or for misuse. ATU Donegal cannot accept any liability for problems caused by the downloading or installation of any software from these sites.

Microsoft  Azure 

ATU Donegal are a Microsoft Azure member which entitles registered ATU Donegal students access to hundreds of Microsoft products.  Click  here to access Microsoft Azure Software portal. Please note if your student account is not registered with Microsoft Azure please contact the Computer Service Helpdesk.
Users are limited to one copy of any Microsoft software for educational or research use only and the software must not be used for any commercial purposes.
Users must follow the instructions on the website to download software and must keep a copy of any software keys provided, the key will only appear once during the download process.

Microsoft Office ProPlus

Office Pro PlusRegistered students of ATU Donegal have access to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc,) for  free!  Registered students can install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on up to 5 of your personal machines. Once installed, the application will "contact Office365" once every month to see if you are still a registered student. If it gets a positive reply it will be ok for another month. Once you leave the Institute it will enter a state of reduced functionality until you purchase a license. Click  here to access your Office365 account to download Microsoft Office ProPlus.

Click here to access the student IT Helpdesk FAQ, where you will find steps to download/install Microsoft Office on your personal device.


Autodesk provides students who have a valid ATU Donegal student email address access to a wide range of Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, etc. Click  here to access the Autodesk software portal. Please note ATU Donegal have no direct relationship between the free software offered to students by Autodesk. This agreement is direct relationship between the student and Autodesk.


SPSS Software and Licence Request

Installation Instructions