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Getting Started

Welcome to IT Services Getting Started

On behalf of the Computer Service department, welcome. Below you will find information to help you as a student to begin using Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources and services at ATU Donegal.

For additional information please browse the Computer Services Section or contact the Computer Services Helpdesk, check our Helpdesk section for more information on how to contact the Helpdesk.

Getting Started

Firstly, you need to ensure that you are a registered student of ATU Donegal before you can get access to any IT Services or online resources.  If you have not registered, please contact the Admissions Office directly to take of care of this. As part of this registration process you will be issued with a student card; however, you will have to complete the online registration and uploaded of digital photograph of yourself.

User Account

Students are provided with user account credentials (username/password).  You will have received a letter with your registration pack providing you with username and password.   The username will be your student number which takes the format like ‘L00001234’ and 9-character alphanumeric password. This password must be kept safe – do not share this password.  The following services will require the use of your user account – please take note of the format username will change depending on the services you are accessing. If you have not received your username and password and you are registered student of ATU Donegal please contact the Computer Services HelpDesk.

  • Computer Login User Account also known as an Active Directory account allowing you access to a wide range of services. This account allows you to access any college computer on campus, exam papers database, edugate services, etc. The format of the username will be your student ID (L00123456) and password.
  • Blackboard Account is an account that allows you to log into the Institute’s learning management system. This account is linked to your Active Directory account. The format of the username will be your student ID (L00123456) and password. Click here for further information on how to use and access Blackboard.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Account all registered students are issued with a Microsoft Office 365 account which is also your college email account.  Your student email address and Office 365 username will the take the following format: studentID@student.lyit.ie e.g L00123456@student.lyt.ie. Your password will be your 9 character alphanumeric password.  Click here for further information on Microsoft Office 365.
  • Library Account is an account that allows you to log into the Institute’s library online information resources. For full information on how to access and use library online resources please check out the Library’s website by clicking here.
  • Banner Account is for students to access their student academic information which resides on the Institutes student information system known as Banner. Students use the Banner the system for online registration as well as accessing official exam results at the end of each academic semester. The format of the username will be your student ID (L00123456) and password.
  • Print System Account is an account that allows you to track jobs (printing, copying & scanning) against your Computer User Login Account. Print System Account is automatically created for you when your computer login account is created. Print system account allows you print, copy and scan using our SafeQ print management system. The print system also allows you to use the Reprographics Service Center. All jobs is charged to your personal print credit account. Click here for full information our print system.
  • Photocopier PIN is a unique number which is generated by you through our SafeQ print system to allow you use the photocopiers, follow-me print solution and Reprographics Centre. Click here for more information on how to use our print system.

ICT Policies

As a student of LYIT you must abide by the Institute's ICT policies. You also must do your part to protect ATU Donegal's information and reputation by complying with ICT policies.

ATU Donegal endeavours, at all times, to ensure consistent, high quality implementations and management of its ICT resources, processes and practices. 

Our ICT policices are available by clicking here.

Getting Help

If you require assistance with IT Service in ATU Donegal please contact the Computer Services Help desk:

Email: Helpdesk@lyit.ie

Phone: 00 353 74 91 8 6050

Walk-in Letterkenny Campus: Helpdesk 1 (PR2285), Helpdesk 2 (PR2254) and Helpdesk 3 (Library Computer Suite)

Walk-in Killybegs Campus: OB111