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Blackboard is an e-learning platform used by lecturing staff to deliver electronic course material and classes online.

Students in turn have easy access to course material online, upload assignments, and use Blackboards interactive tools. Blackboard has two components, Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate.

  • Blackboard Learn is an online platform for students to access course material, complete assessments, submit assignments, etc.
  • Blackboard Collaborate is online virtual classroom delivered by video either real-time or recorded. Blackboard Collaborate is accessed via Blackboard Learn.

Check out the orientation video below to see how to use Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate.

Blackboard Learn – Getting Started

Blackboard Learn is a browser-based application where you can work on and submit assignments and other coursework. To use Blackboard Learn please ensure you have:

  1. Access to the Internet with Google Chrome or Firefox. Check Blackboard’s web browser compatible list. To Access Blackboard Learn click on the Blackboard link found within the online services section within the student hub.
  2. You must be a registered student, only registered students will have an active username and password for accessing Blackboard. The format of username will be your student ID (e.g. L0012346) and password.

Blackboard collaborate Ultra – Getting Started

If this is your first time to participate in a live Blackboard Collaborate session, please check out the below orientation video and visit Blackboard’s site: Start with the basics.

To take part in a Blackboard Collaborate session you will need:

  1. Access to the Internet with Google Chrome or Firefox, check Blackboards recommendations on web browsers.
  2. Good quality Broadband connection recommend a minimum of 3MB.
  3. Headset or Speakers to hear the lecture.
  4. Microphone to chat or ask questions of your lecturer in a live class.
  5. Optional, a camera so the lecturer can see you (live class).

Click here to do a pre-test to ensure your version of Google Chrome or Firefox on your laptop or PC is properly configured to use Blackboard Colloborate. It is highly recommended that all students do this test prior to their first online class. 

To Access Blackboard Collaborate you first need to be log into Blackboard Learn from the Blackboard link on student hub page, and select Collaborate within any course or alternatively students can access Blackboard Collborate through the Blackboard App on their mobile device, see Blackboard Mobile App section below.

Blackboard Mobile App

LYIT Students have now access to the Blackboard mobile app.  This provides students access to e-learning services on Android and Apple devices.  You can download the Blackboard App from Apple iTunes and Google Play Store, click here for details on Blackboard Mobile App.

Check out the Blackboard Mobile App tour video below by Blackboard.
Blackboard Mobile - Video

Blackboard Resources 

For further information and guides on using Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Mobile App check out the Blackboard Institutional page on Blackboard Learn. This page can be found by clicking on “Institutional Page” after you log into Blackboard Learn.