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Get Started

The Institute’s network comprises of a very rich set of facilities and network/application services that allow each individual staff to carry out his/her work in a very secure fashion. To provide such an environment, proper authentication measures must be in place to ensure all network and system resources will only be utilized by authorized parties.

When you arrive on campus you will need to do the following to get access to various ICT resources:

  • Visit Human Resources (HR) to complete your employment paperwork. Computer Services cannot provision any ICT services until HR have enrolled you onto the HR system.
  • Contact Computer Services Helpdesk to schedule a time to get your staff ID card taken. Staff members will require a staff ID card to access various rooms and services.
  • New staff members will be scheduled for an ICT induction training session with a member of Computer Services staff.
  • New academic staff members will be provided training on our learning management system (Blackboard) with our Blackboard trainer Dan Friel – contact Dan @ Dan.Friel@lyit.ie or ext: 6953.
  • New staff members who qualify for a computer device will be provisioned with a desktop PC or laptop. Depending on your status as a staff member a particularly computing device will be allocated to you either by your department or Computer Services. Staff members will only be issued an approved device purchased through Computer Services computing device framework. Only one device per staff member is allowed. Staff who don’t meet the qualification criteria for a computing device may be allocated a shared device at a hot desk area.

User Accounts

Institute employees are provided with user account credentials (username/password) following registration with the department of Human Resources. User Accounts are normally created within one working day of receipt of registration information from Human Resources. The following services will require the use of user accounts.

Computer Login User Account

Also known as an Active Directory account allowing you access to a wide range of services. This account allows you to access any college computer, access your network drives, Wi-Fi, print system (SafeQ), Blackboard, SharePoint, Web VPN (remote access) and Edugate services. The format of your computer login user account will normally be Firstname.Surname i.e. Joe.Soap and the password will be required to be set by the user themselves after first login to a complex password. See our Security section on password standards.

Single Sign On Account (Office 365)

All staff are issued with a Microsoft office 365 Account. Microsoft Office 365 account provides you access to a wide range of services such as e-mail, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, etc. Your Office 365 account will take the format of your email address: FirstName.Surname@lyit.ie e.g. Joe.Soap@lyit.ie . This account will be used for single-sign-on (SSO) onto other online services i.e. Core Portal, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. All staff will be required to registered for Multi-Factor-Authentication.

Print System Account

Is an account that allows you to track jobs (printing, copying & scanning) against your Computer User Login Account. Print System Account is automatically created for you when your computer login account is created. Print system account allows you print, copy and scan using our SafeQ print management system. The print system also allows you to use the Reprographics Service Center. All jobs is charged back to you department’s cost center. Check our Printing\Copying section for full information our print system.

Photocopier PIN

Is a unique number which is generated by you through our SafeQ print system to allow you use the photocopiers, follow-me print solution and Reprographics Centre. Check our Printing\Copying section for more information on how to use our print system.

Core Portal Account

Is an account that allows employees access the Employee Self Service (ESS) system which is an online application that allow staff members to log in and view their own HR and Payroll information. For employees who required to clock, staff members can access the time and attendance functionality. This account will be linked to your Office365 Singe-Sign-On (SSO) account.

Library Account

Staff using the library’s electronic resources will require a library user account. New staff members should contact the Library directly to facilitate the creation of a Library user account.

Staff and Faculty staff using our student information system, Banner, will be required make a request for Banner user account via Computer Services Helpdesk, helpdesk@lyit.ie

Agresso Account

Staff using our financial management system, Agresso, will be required to make a request for an Agresso user account via Finance Manager, Paul.Toner@lyit.ie