CAO Code AU311
  Letterkenny Campus

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Corporate Law

3 years  /    Level 8  /    Full-time   /   Work Placement

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This new law degree provides an excellent opportunity to gain a law degree together with specialist knowledge in corporate law. The emphasis on corporate law will cater for learners who are interested in law in the particular context of the corporate world providing preparation for a range of careers in finance, insurance and trade in addition to professional legal practice.

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Certain semesters of this course are taken in common with other courses.

Professional Recognition

This degree is a qualifying law degree which is:

  • an accredited law degree by the King's inns
  • an accredited law degree by the Institute of Professional Legal Studies (Northern Ireland)
  • Approved law degree to sit the final examination of the Law Society - first part FE1

Follow-on Courses

Follow up programmes elsewhere include:

  • Master in Arts in Governance & IT in Financial Services (ATU Donegal) And Master’s degrees in institutes and universities at home and abroad.

Further Information

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Head of Department Dr Brónagh Heverin
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