Assessment for Erasmus+ Students

The academic year is divided into two semesters: September to January (semester 1) and January to May (semester 2). Examination results are denoted in percentages with the pass mark set at 40%.

End of semester examinations are held in January and May each year. 

Repeat examinations may take place late May or late August.  Please check the academic calendar here.

It is LYIT policy to award 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Academic Modules Credits are based on the European credit Transfer System model and consist of either 5 credits or multiples of 5 credits assuming a notional student learning effort of approx 25 hours per 1 credit

At the end of the study period, a Transcript of Records as per normal European Credit Transfer System guidelines is forwarded to both the student’s home address and home University.

The Irish Alpha grading system is transposed into the recognised ECTS format and appears as such on the Transcript of Records.

ECTS / APLHA Grading Scale

Alpha Numeric Percentage Credits Awarded Indicative Quality of Performance 
A 80-100 Yes Excellent 
B+ 70-79 Yes Very Good 
B 60-69 Yes Good 
B- 55-59 Yes About Average
C+ 50-54 Yes Fair
C 40-49 Yes Pass
D 35-39 No Poor
F Fail No Fail


Existing courses and subjects are continuously being updated and new courses are regularly introduced. Although the information in this link is correct at the time of going to press, LYIT reserves the right to make changes at any time before or after the Erasmus Students admission.