Elaine from Singapore

BSc in Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Science

Elaine from SingaporeThe first week of school passed in a blink of an eye, and then Saturday, 23 September 2017 came. This was the very first tour that the International Club Society had organised for the new students that had come to study in Letterkenny Institute of Technology. I remember very faintly how I was reluctant to go on the tour because there was only one girl that I knew that was going. Being a new student who came all the way from teeny tiny Singapore, this tour has been nothing but an eye-opener! A tour that I don’t regret doing, I must say. I have seen parts of Donegal, I have made new friends, I have ate lovely food, listened to amazing Irish music (at Leo’s Tavern) and most importantly, I have made memories that I’ll remember fondly!

On the tour, I visited some of the sights of Donegal, which was by far the most scenic and most calm places I have ever seen (despite the winds and how cold Ireland can be!). I personally have never travelled much as a person, I have only went by Great Ocean Road and visited MacKenzie Fall, both in Australia. I must say that Donegal (or Ireland) has it’s very own kind of beauty. It is lovely, and I would definitely love to travel to more parts of Ireland. To take pictures, explore and just give myself a break from the tall buildings of Singapore.

Donegal is very different from where I live, it is actually the total opposite. In Singapore, the only things I can see are trees planted along the expressways, tall and futuristic architectural highlights. Not forgetting it is also hot and humid. While Donegal has not even one building that has five storeys. What can be better than that? The greenery that surrounds the country might also be the reason why there are more sheep than humans… Hah!

I am very thankful that I have this opportunity to be a part of the International Society. I am even more thankful to LYIT for accepting me as a student to come to Letterkenny to learn, have fun and experience how it is like to stay in Ireland. I am looking forward to more travelling, learning more about the Irish culture, and to share my experiences with everyone!