International Student Ambassadors

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ATU Donegal International Student Ambassadors Programme (ISAP) brings together a team of 10-12 inspirational ATU Donegal International students who are enthusiastic and committed in contributing to international student engagement.

The selected group of students will be representing international students in ATU Donegal, and also representing ATU Donegal International Office internally and externally!

Roles of an ISA

1. A Voice – Ensure representation of international students from different nationalities in ATU Donegal.

2. A Bridge – Bridge ATU Donegal International Office and the international student community.

3. A Leader – Organize events or take lead in projects to promote awareness for equality, cultural diversity and inclusion in ATU Donegal.

4. An Ambassador – Represent the ATU Donegal International community internally and represent ATU Donegal externally.

What an ISA will do?

1. Communications – communicate relevant information from ATU Donegal International Office to the respective group of students. Assist students with general queries. Reflect any welfare issue upon consent that students may have to the International Office.

2. Projects and Events – Engage with Senior International Student Ambassador or clubs & societies to organise events or take lead in projects. Activities may include buddy system, Christmas events, International Culture Month, Promotional video filming, and your initiatives.

3. Blogs/Vlogs – Student Ambassadors are expected to contribute at least 1 article, blog, OR vlog per semester to share their student testimonial. The material can be featured on ATU Donegal website, social medias, promotional videos or other marketing materials.

Benefits of being an ISA

1. Personal Development – ISA will be able to improve interpersonal skills through project management and teamwork opportunities, expand networking circles and connections, and finally increase cultural sensitivity from working in a team of diversity.

2. Gift vouchers – At the end of each semester, ISA will be given a gift voucher from the International Office as a thank to their hard work and contribution.
* Please note that International Student Ambassador is a volunteer, not a paid position

3. Digital Badge – A micro-credential award that acknowledges the contribution of ATU Donegal students in promoting international engagement and education. It can be demonstrated on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

4. Senior ISA Role – All ISAs are eligible to apply for a 13-month paid position of Senior International Student Ambassador in upcoming academic year.