Management of Food Hygiene

Is this course for me?

Food Hygiene“The Management of Food Hygiene Programme, The Essential Guide to HACCP Compliance“, has been developed by the National Hygiene Partnership.  It forms an integral part of the national drive to improve food safety standards throughout the entire food industry. 

The programme will enable food businesses to conform to EU legislation as it is based on the guidelines provided in the National Standards Authority of Ireland publications – I.S. 340:2007 “Hygiene in the Catering Sector” and I.S.341:2007 “Hygiene in Food Retailing and Wholesaling”. The programme also satisfies the requirements of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Level 3 guidelines in Food Safety Skills for Management.

Entry Requirements

No minimum entry requirements needed. 

Who will this course benefit?

The Management of Food Hygiene Programme The Essential Guide to HACCP Compliance, is designed to benefit Catering Managers, Supervisors, Executive and Head Chefs in the Hospitality Industry, Health Sector, Retail Sector, Delicatessens, Industrial and Institutional Catering Units. It will also benefit Personnel & Training Officers in large scale Hospitality and Catering Organisations and College Lecturers in Tourism and Food and Beverage Management subjects.

The course objectives

Participants will be trained both in the principles and practices of effective food hygiene management.  The participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to formulate and implement a comprehensive food safety management system in the workplace and to organise the necessary training for their staff.


The fee for this course is €300.

Module Overview Content Description 
Session 1 Introduction
Session 2 Basic Microbiology, Food Poisoning & Food Borne Disease
Session 3 Personal Hygiene
Session 4 Purchasing, Delivery and Storage
Session 5 Food Preparation and Cooking & Reheating
Session 6 Holding, Display, Service and Preservation
Session 7 Cleaning and Disinfection
Session 8 Food Safety Legislation
Session 9 Cleaning and Disinfection
Session 10 Pest Control
Session 11 Design and Construction of Food Premises and Equipment
Session 12 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Session 13 Training Documentation and Records
Session 14 Course Revision and Examination Information

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