Life Drawing

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Life drawing or figurative drawing involves drawing the human form in any of its various shapes and postures using a variety of media. The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts.

This course will teach you how to see and record shapes created by light and shade. Colour, texture and form will be investigated in pursuit of expressive image making.

Participants will be encouraged to represent emotions and movement within well considered compositions. Image making materials will be explored. Unconventional drawing tools and image making techniques will be demonstrated. 

Proposed Module Description of Module Mandatory/Elective
Hand Eye Coordination Blind drawing; Positive/ negative space; Drawing from life Mandatory
Figurative Drawing Exploring the human form; Tone and texture Mandatory
Gesture Movement - continuous and sequenced;  Rhythm - drawing to music; Expression  Mandatory
Analytical Drawing Structure and perspective; Detail - form, texture, light Mandatory

Entry Requirements 

No minimum entry requirements needed. 

Number of Places 20 

Application Requirements 

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The fee for this course is €150. 

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