Maths is required for most programmes in Higher Ed. Maths is required for most programmes at LYIT. However, the following programmes at LYIT do NOT require Maths.

Code Title Course Title
LY207 Law  with Criminal Justice
LY208 Law
LY317 Culinary Arts
LY327 Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management
LY427 Digital Film & Audio
LY437 Animation
LY447 Fashion with Promotion
LY457 Graphic & Digital Design
LY408 Design, Common Entry

For all other programmes maths is required.

The maths requirement can be met via Ordinary maths, grade O6 or better all programmes, every level. Foundation maths, grade F2 or better level 6/7 programmes only, except Engineering. Higher maths, grade H6 or better level 6/7 programmes only.  

Bonus Points for Honours Maths

A number of studies have shown that higher level maths is the most time-consuming subject in the Leaving Cert. Uptake of Higher maths is low and each year about 2,000 students who start out with ambitions to take the higher level paper drop to ordinary level in the months before the exam.

To address this situation, a scheme to award Bonus points for Higher Maths was introduced in 2012. It is aimed at incentivizing students to take higher level maths in the Leaving Cert and is strongly endorsed by Business interests and by the Minister. Students who achieve a H6 grade or better in the Higher (Honours) maths exam will receive 25 additional points. It is a flat bonus scheme, i.e. the same bonus will apply whether the student gets a H6 or an H1. The bonus will apply regardless of the year in which the exam was taken.

Higher Maths Only

1992-2016, 2017 or later Years  including 25 bonus points  

Grade Grade
A1, H1 125
A2, B1, H2 113
B2, B3, H3 102
C1, C2, H4 91
C3,D1, H5 81
D2, D3, H6 71

As usual, the 6 highest scoring subjects from a single sitting will be counted for points. Any one of A-Level Maths, Further Maths or Pure Maths, where achieved in any one sitting, will also attract 25 bonus points.

Foundation Maths 

For courses where maths is a requirement, Foundation Maths is acceptable for matriculation purposes for most, but not all, course at LYIT, (Engineering and some L8 courses don’t accept foundation maths. See the table summarizing CAO entry requirements in the prospectus)  

Where accepted, the Foundation Maths result has to be at either grade F1or F2 to meet matriculation requirements and these grades will be awarded points as follows:

Foundation Level Grade  Points 
F1 20
F2 12


(CAVEAT - Only the best 6 subjects are used in the points calculation.  Thus, if a candidate had 6 other subjects with higher points, the points for foundation maths would not be included in their overall score).

Where Foundation Maths is not accepted for matriculation (Engineering and some level 8 courses) it will not be awarded any points.