Pushing Boundaries

Full-Time Postgraduate Taught Masters Programme Scholarship

Pushing BoundariesDo you have the talent, the drive and the initiative to complete a postgraduate full-time taught Masters at Letterkenny Institute of Technology and to go on to have a successful career? If so then this scholarship could be for you. This year we are offering up to 30 MSc or MA Scholarships to the value of €2,875. 

Note: This scholarship has been designed for those students who are in receipt of no other form of financial assistance to study from a grant awarding body. It is also only available to EU Students.

  • Scholarship for an MSc or MA programme (full-time) worth €2,875 to a student who meets the pre-determined criteria which will be allocated towards course fees.
  • Scholarships will only be available to those students not in receipt of full funding from any grant awarding bodies to study.
  • Scholarships are only available to EU students.
  • The scholarship can be allocated towards any of the previous mentioned full-time taught postgraduate programmes.
  • Section Eight of the Postgraduate Application Form has to be completed for a student to be considered for the scholarship. To download the application form click here: Postgraduate Application Form
Conditions of Scholarship:
  • Student must not be in receipt of full funding from any grant awarding bodies to study.
  • The student needs to be registered as a student at ATU on the programme in respect of which the Scholarship is being awarded by the due registration date.
  • Failure to complete the registration requirements by the due date will render the student ineligible for the award without further notice.
  • The individual in receipt of the Scholarship must be attending the programme on a full-time basis.
  • If the holder withdraws from the programme for which she/he has registered or fails to continue throughout the session to meet the attendance, she/he will forfeit the Scholarship and will be required to repay to the Institute the whole or any part of the Scholarship as may be decided. In addition the scholarship is subject to satisfactory performance in examinations.
  • The Scholarship is only available in the year in which it is offered. It may not be deferred.
  • The Scholarship will be awarded on academic merit. Minimum honours 2.2 is required.