Full-Time Postgraduate Fees

Postgraduate FeesFor fee purposes, full-time postgraduate students are classified as one of the following:

EU Fees

Student is liable for the relevant Postgraduate Course Fee.  Please refer to the relevant course page for actual fees.  Postgraduate students can apply to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) for a grant which, if approved, may cover the relevant course fees. For information on Grants please click here.

Non-EU Fees

Any student who does not meet the conditions for EU Fees will be liable for Non-EU Fees.  The current full-time Postgraduate Course fee for Non-EU Students is €12,000.

Please click here to determine which fee category you fall into. 

Pushing Boundaries Scholarship

The Pushing Boundaries Scholarship is ATU Donegal’s postgraduate scholarship scheme designed for students who are in receipt of no other form of financial assistance from a grant awarding body. It is only available to EU Students.  For further information click here.