Sports Scholarships & Awards

Sports-Scholarships-AwardsOur Sports Scholarships are merit-based and directly linked to your sporting performance.

There are two types of Sports Scholarships available at the institute:

  1. New Entrant Sports Scholarships available to new entrant students to the institute
  2. Full-Time Sports Scholarships available to existing and registered full-time students of the institute.

New Entrant Sports Scholarships

These scholarships are targeting students who are competing at a high level in one of the following field sports: Gaelic Football (men/ladies), Hurling, Soccer (men/ladies) and Basketball (men/ladies) as follows: 

  1. GAA Inter-county team (Minor, U20 or Senior) - the applicant must be/have been a member and a regular starting player in the current year or in the previous 12 months.
  2. League of Ireland Soccer team - the applicant must be a member and a regular starting player in the current year.
  3. Irish International Underage Basketball - the applicant must be/have been a member and a regular starting player in the current year or in the previous 12 months.

Successful candidates will be considered on sporting merit and at present the value of a New Entrant Scholarship is €1,000, paid in instalments. In 2019/20, 16 New Entrant Sports Scholarships were awarded to students. 

Tenure of the ‘New Entrants Sports Scholarship’

The scholarship is only available in the year in which it is offered.  It may not be deferred.

Selection of candidates for the New Entrants Sports Scholarship will be made following the submission of forms by all eligible students.  Signed completed application forms with supporting documentation must be posted and received by:

Paddy Gallagher
Sports Officer 
Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Port Road
Co. Donegal 
F92 FC93

Application Form

For an application form, click here.

For a full list of terms and conditions, click here.

Full-Time Sports Scholarship

Any existing and registered full-time students who have demonstrated the ability to progress their sporting endeavours for the institute are entitled to apply for the full-time sports scholarship. At present the value of the Full-Time Sports Scholarship is €1,500, €1,000 or €500, depending on the type of scholarship awarded (Full or Development). In 2019/20, the Institute awarded 55 Full-Time Sports Scholarships. The award of such scholarship takes place each academic year, during the second semester.  Application forms are available internally in January from the SU Administrator. Successful candidates will be paid in two instalments for the academic year.

Additional benefits of being a sports scholarship holder include:

  • Free membership to gym
  • Free GP and Chartered Physiotherapy (upon referral)
  • Training/sports gear supplied by the institute
  • Coaching support
  • Assistance from Maths and Communication Learning Support Services, if required.

For further information on Sports Scholarships at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, contact:
Paddy Gallagher, Sports Officer
Tel: +353 74 918 6810

Clubs & Societies Awards 

One of the highlights of the student year in LYIT is the Student Achievement Awards which take place in March/April each year. Clubs And Societie Awards

The evening recognises the efforts of all Clubs and Societies with a range of club awards presented by the President of LYIT. To provide a flavour of the evening, awards are presented for the Best Club, Best New Club and the Civic Engagement Award, the latter is awarded to the club most actively involved in the local community.
The overall Sports Award and the Sports Team Awards are also presented at this event.

A total of 9 individual Club Scholarships were awarded at the event in 2019. These scholarships were awarded to 9 of the most outstanding students involved in clubs and societies last year. Like the Sports Scholarships, the Clubs and Societies Scholarships are presented in 2 instalments, the first instalment is made at the presentation event and the final instalment is paid on the successful completion of course examinations by each winning student.

The Clubs and Societies programme in LYIT is governed by guidelines for the setting up of a Club/Society. These guidelines are available to all new and returning clubs at the commencement of each academic year. At present, LYIT has over 38 active Clubs and Societies. Each year, a number of award winners from various categories go on to represent  LYIT at the National BICS Awards (Board of Irish Colleges Societies).  These awards take place in a different location, nationally, each year..

For further information on the Clubs and Societies Programme at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, contact:
Josephine Wilson, SU Administrator/Clubs & Societies Co-ordinator
Tel: +353 (0)74 918 6823