Lisa Gallagher

The right third level choice was closer to home

Lisa Gallagher began her third level journey further afield and after year one she realised that she would like to be closer to home.

“I am a home bird. I wanted to get back to Donegal and get my driving licence and a car and enjoy the financial freedom of studying closer to home”, says Lisa.

Lisa took time to reflect and looked at the different options available to her. With an interest in business studies, she began to look at the variety of programmes available on her doorstep at ATU Donegal. The honours degree programme in Marketing with Online Technologies appealed to Lisa.

“I always had a flair for business and had originally thought about going down the teaching route. However, I have an outgoing personality and the marketing side of business really appealed to me.”

“I absolutely love the programme at ATU. I didn’t know what to expect but every module is fascinating, and I am learning so much about marketing, online technologies, and the industry. Every day is different. I particularly love the analytics modules. My lecturer is a real whizz and passes on real knowledge and insights to us which will set us up for a successful career.”

“The lecturers are always helpful and encouraging. They set us up with workshops outside of the degree where we get certificates in other areas. This will be a great addition to our CV’s when we graduate. The lecturers also have great links with industry and help us to source experience and employment”.

“Moving closer to home has been a good decision. There’s less pressure and I have a part-time job in a local Department store. My employer is extremely helpful, and I can practice some of the marketing theory that I am learning in the classroom when I’m at work.”

“The programme is reflective of the skills that are required in the workplace. It’s a very interesting programme and it keeps up to date with current industry trends. We are always discussing the news, trends and what’s going on in the market. It’s very dynamic.”

“We also get to participate in real world projects. My class recently provided guidance to one company about new product development and marketing campaign strategies. I also worked closely with another company providing website recommendations to improve SEO. This is a great opportunity and a great way to get real hands-on experience”.

Lisa has one year left on the programme before she graduates with an honours degree. She is travelling to Boston this summer on a J1 where she will gain international experience working in a bar and restaurant and provide digital media support for the company.

“I would advise anyone who is thinking about applying for this programme to go for it. The staff at ATU are supportive and helpful and advise you on all the different pathways available to enter the programmes. If you don’t know where to start or haven’t made an application, then definitely contact ATU. It’s the best thing that I have done”, concludes Lisa.