Useful Links

Belong To Belong To
A website for Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning youths.  It offers advice and support on coming out, information on services and groups within the local community and advice and support for those wishing to be straight allies.
Reach Out ReachOut
A website for young people that gives information and support on issues around mental health especially as it relates to young people. They have a section of ‘ask the expert’ where questions submitted by young people have been answered by experts in their field.
Spun Out SpunOut
A website developed and led by young people aged 16-25 years of age.  Its web content is driven by young people on topics such as health, life and opinion, education and employment.  It aims to provide young people with information that is ‘relevant, reliable, and non-judgemental’ on topics that are of interest and concern to young people living in Ireland today.
Your Mental Health Your Mental Health
A HSE website that offers information on mental health and well-being, it provides easy to understand information on common mental health issues that affect us all.
The Bodywhys website is a source of for information and support for those with an eating disorder or those supporting them. It offers online support and information to those who have an eating disorder.
Read Your Mind Read Your Mind
A catalogue of books on mental health topics specifically aimed at helping young people through difficulties they may encounter. Reading books that are aimed to help you through a difficult period is called Bibliotherapy.  It is where written material is used to help us cope with difficulties that range from depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, issues with self-esteem, to parental separation. 
An initiative of Jigsaw Donegal in partnership with the Donegal County Library Service, The Health Promotion and Improvement Department and The National Office of Suicide Prevention.
Student Against Depression Student Against Depression
A website that has resources to help guide good mental health. It draws on clinically validated material and receives input students who contribute to the site.