There are several ways that you can make an appointment with the Student Counsellor. 

You can make an appointment by contacting the Student Services Administrator on 074 918 6855 or you can request an appointment by emailing the counsellor at* If it’s an emergency or you aren’t able to make an appointment by email or telephone you can call over to the Student Services Reception area upstairs in the An Dánlann building.  

Once you have requested an appointment we will contact you typically within 48 hours of you requesting an appointment. This is generally by email so once you have requested an appointment please look at your college email daily.

During very busy times there may be a delay while you wait for your appointment, but we will try and make an appointment as soon as possible.

During Covid-19 we will be working a little bit differently than we usually do. Your first meeting with the counsellor will be a ‘face to face meeting’ in the Student Counselling Service (SCS) office on campus. If you would prefer not to meet ‘face to face’ due to having concerns about COVID-19, the SCS will arrange a time to call you for an initial telephone call.  During the initial meeting or telephone call, the counsellor will work with you to find out your needs, and decide if counselling is the best form of help for you. If you and your counsellor agree to meet for counselling it will typically be online (MS Teams) or by telephone. This is something you and your  counsellor can arrange.  


Please note that although every effort is made, the security of email communication cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore email communication should be limited to general queries only.