Medical Services - FAQ

We offer the following service

ATU Donegal Student Health Service is available to cater for the medical needs of students when it is not possible to visit their own GP. It offers consultations in a modern health suite, which is conveniently located on the 1st Floor of An Dánlann building on the Letterkenny campus and on the ground floor of the main building on the Killybegs campus.

The Student Health Service is a nurse-led service. An appointment system is in operation, but emergencies will always be catered for. To make an appointment, Tel: 074 91 86855 for the Letterkenny campus and 074 9186670 or 087 1369194 for the Killybegs campus. You may also contact our service via email: but please remember that email is the property of the University and is therefore not confidential. All students must first be assessed by the Nurse.

On the Letterkenny campus: those requiring referral to the Doctor will be given an appointment for the medical clinics, which are also based in the Student Health Centre. There is no doctor available on campus on Fridays, however urgent/emergency GP appointments can be arranged through the Nurse at the Doctor’s main surgery.

On the Killybegs campus: the nurse is available from 9:30am to 1:00pm Monday to Friday. If a doctor’s consultation is necessary, the nurse can arrange an appointment with the local GP, Dr. Bourke, at Killybegs Health Centre. Appointments are available between 9am to 1pm and 3:30pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday. If you have a medical card or GP visit card, either will be accepted. If not, you must show your current ATU student card to the receptionist and your visit will be paid by the college.

Note: The service is not intended to replace your own GP.

Who are we

The Letterkenny unit is staffed by a team of nurses and doctors who have extensive experience in student health issues and can offer medical care and specialist clinics to students, all completely free of charge. On the Killybegs Campus the nurse is available from 9:30am to 1:00pm Monday to Friday.

What you can expect from us

The mission of the service is to provide quality health care that is tailored to a student’s individual needs. It aims to provide a student friendly service with special attention given to preventative medicine, screening, health promotion and encouraging healthy lifestyles. All information provided by the doctor or nurse is confidential and is not disclosed to any other person without the permission of the student concerned. All records are kept on a separate network to the main system and are not shared.

  • Emails will be responded to twice daily, please call us if you think you require a same day response.
  • All prescriptions will be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy. Remember to seek repeat prescriptions at least a week before your medication runs out.

What we expect from you

You can make the most of the service by:

  • including your mobile number in your email/ tel message and ensure your phone is charged and in coverage to answer the return call from our Nurse.
  • arriving on time for your appointment or contacting the Student Service Reception to cancel if you are unable to attend.

If you have any chronic condition, disorder or disability which may require regular monitoring or medication, you are advised to make yourself known to the Service as soon as possible after registration so your individual care needs can be assessed.

Sick Certification

The Student Health Service has stringent guidelines on the issuing of sick certs.

  • Certification will only be issued by the Student Health Service Nurse if absence from college is medically recommended.
  • No backdated certs will be issued.
  • If you have been treated by your own GP/ Emergency Department, they should issue the medical cert.

Immunisations and Vaccinations

In the interest of the health and safety of all who work and study in the University, we recommend that students have all their vaccinations/immunisations before registration. These vaccinations include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Hib, Polio, Meningitis C, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Please check your family records and consult with your GP for information and advice. Students who are undertaking specific science and social studies courses may require Hepatitis B vaccination for work placements. Student are advised to refer to the University prospectus and contact their own GP for vaccination recommendations.

Emergency Out of Hours Cover

NowDOC – Tel:1818 400 911
Opening hours are midday on Saturday, all day Sunday and Bank Holidays.
Weekends 6 pm to 8 am. Students who do not hold a medical card will be charged for the NowDOC service.

Ballyraine Park Surgery – Tel:074 91 29393
Emergency cover, 8 am-9 am and 5 pm-6 pm Monday - Friday.

Get in Touch

Letterkenny campus Student Health Centre (located on the first floor of An Dánlann in the Student Services Suite)

T: 074 918 6855
Emergency Line: 087 205 2600

Killybegs campus Student Health Centre (located on the ground floor of the main building)

T: 074 918 6670
Emergency Line: 087 136 9194