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FAQ Postgrad Students

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All Non-EU students apply to ATU Donegal’s International Office for admissions to ATU Donegal(do not apply through CAO).

Irish nationals that have completed Secondary School exams outside of the state need to apply through the International dept. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Standard Non-EU fees are €12,000 for a Masters Programme and €10,000 per annum, for an Undergraduate programme. Discounts may apply and will be indicated on an offer letter.

ATU Donegal is in a town called Letterkenny (population of 20,000 people) in the County of Donegal.

Letterkenny is in the Republic of Ireland but is near the border with Northern Ireland.

If you graduate with a Hons Degree (this is called Level 8 in Ireland) you are eligible for 12 months stay back. If you graduate with a Masters Postgraduate Degree, you are eligible for up to 24 months stay back.

In general, you need to have completed and passed Secondary School (High School) to do an Undergraduate Degree in ATU Donegal; however, in some cases you may need to have further qualifications. Please consult our country specific entry requirements here. If your country is not listed, please enquire via email: international.donegal@atu.ie

Our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes are on the International Register.

ATU Donegal is a Government funded Higher Education Institute.

ATU Donegal awards its own Degrees and the Graduation ceremony is held in October each year.

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