Still Time to Apply


Atlantic Technological University (ATU) has a number of programmes offering places through the CAO’s ‘Available Places’ facility. Outlined below is the list of CAO 'Available Places' programmes at ATU Donegal, ATU Sligo and ATU Galway-Mayo.

If you are interested in securing a university place at ATU, or if you are re-thinking your CAO options, consider one of the programmes below. Existing and new applicants can apply to 'Available Places' via

The cost to apply as a new applicant is €45 and it is free to existing applicants.

Available Places - ATU Donegal

CAO Code

Level 6

AU401 Business (Galway)
AU425 Heritage (Galway)
AU426 Business in Tourism (Galway)
AU428 Hotel & Hospitality Operations (Galway)
AU429 Culinary Art Professional Chef Programme (Galway)
AU490 History & Geography (Castlebar)
AU491 Early Childhood Education & Care (Castlebar)
AU700 Business (Sligo)
AU715 Engineering (Sligo)
AU725 Computing (Sligo)
AU730 Science (Sligo)

CAO Code

Level 7

AU220 Culinary Arts (Letterkenny)
AU221 Tourism & Hospitality Operations (Letterkenny)
AU232 Fashion with Promotion (Letterkenny)
AU252 Electric Vehicle Engineering (Letterkenny)
AU261 Computing (Letterkenny)
AU270 Science Common Entry (Letterkenny)
AU290 AU290 Inclusive Practice for Special Needs Assistance (Letterkenny)
AU590 Outdoor Education (Castlebar)