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Workplace Relations

Workplace Relations is at the forefront of human resource management practice. Good employee relations are not only desirable, they are a necessity. The HR Manager aims to support the Institute by providing quality advice and support in the management of employee and industrial relations.

We develop and implement proactive Human Resource policies and procedures which are intended to foster positive employee relations and collaborative management practices based on mutual respect, trust and shared responsibility .

LYIT has formally recognised a number of Trades Unions as having a role in representing staff in relation to discussions concerning employment-related matters.

  • Teacher's Union of Ireland (TUI): Academic Staff
  • FORSA: Professional Management and Support Staff (PMSS)
  • Unite: Technical Staff
  • SIPTU: Maintenance Staff

If you wish to be a member of the relevant union, please contact Aingeal Bonnar, Payroll Officer, Ext: 6037 to arrange deductions from your salary.
All subscriptions are stored confidentially in payroll only.