Welcome from the HR Manager

The HR Department welcomes you to our vibrant and engaging community and the HR team are committed to supporting ATU Donegal in achieving its mission by providing the highest level of service to the Institute, its staff and the public, through its role in attracting, retaining and motivating staff of the highest calibre.

ATU Donegal has a vibrant atmosphere which is enjoyed by a diverse mix of students, drawn by our welcoming ethos and rich cultural and social life. With almost 5,000 students and approximately 350 staff both from the local and national areas, we are also deeply proud that students from over 30 countries travel such long distances each year to make LYIT their home.

Helen Mc Grandles
Helen Mc Grandles
( HR Manager 6040)

ATU Donegal is committed to the long-term development of staff. We value all our employees and will endeavour to create a safe and positive working environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect in a community that embraces a diverse and inclusive culture.
Our HR Strategy has been developed in line with the core elements of the overall ATU DonegalStrategic Plan which is influenced by our region and our pursuit of Technological University status through the Connacht Ulster Alliance (CUA) and our approach to celebrating 50 years as an Institute of Technology.

We live and work in a time of great change, and any strategy that sets itself in stone is likely to be outdated very quickly. With this in mind, our new HR strategy builds on the previous functional plan and recognises the importance of the strategy’s need to remain flexible and adaptable, and that elements of it may evolve to reflect a changing environment or changing priorities.

Our HR Strategy, ‘Building a Technological University together, an Employer and University of choice’ has been developed to support the key priorities as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2019-2023, in which the overall mission is ‘Delivering for our students and our Region.’ The Institute’s core value is Integrity.

‘We are accountable, honest, transparent and responsible in all our activities’

It is our ATU Donegal staff and community, often referred to as ‘a family’ that set us apart from other institutes of technology and this HR strategy aims to invest, support, develop and nurture our talent so we can become an employer of choice and an even better place to work and develop.