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First Aid

Letterkenny IT has trained a number of staff members as occupational first aiders who are also qualified to use the on campus defibrillators.

First aiders can be contacted at:

Letterkenny campus by dialling:
  6007 from an internal phone or from a mobile 074 – 9186007

Killybegs campus by dialling:
  6610 or from a mobile 074 – 9186610.

If the injury is more serious or severity of the injury cannot be determined then call for an ambulance and the emergency services immediately on 112 or 999.


Letterkenny Institute of Technology provides Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) at various locations throughout its Letterkenny and Killybegs Campus. These AEDs will make early defibrillation available to students, staff, visitors and contractors who may experience sudden cardiac arrest. The AED are designed to be user friendly, however AEDs must only be used by appropriately trained first aiders.


An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is used to treat victims who experience sudden cardiac arrest. The AED guides the trained user through the steps of defibrillation. The AED must only be used when a victim is unconscious, has no detectable pulse and is not breathing. It is designed to analyse a heart rhythm and then advise the trained personnel if a shockable rhythm is detected, the AED will charge to the appropriate energy level and advise the trained user to deliver a shock by pushing a button on the unit.

Location of AED's

Letterkenny Campus:

      1. Main building at the main reception desk in wall mounted case.
      2. An Dánlann at the main reception desk in wall mounted case.
      3. CoLab across from the main reception desk in wall mounted case.

KillyBegs Campus:

      1. Main Building in wall mounted case at the main reception.

# Procedure Documents
1   Fire And Emergency Procedure
2   Automated External Defibrillator Procedure
# Safety Contacts
1   Letterkenny First Aiders
2   Killybegs First Aiders


Keara Patton
Health & Safety Co-Ordinator
Letterkenny Institute of Technology 
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  +353 (0)74 918 6114
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