LYIT and Donegal County Council sign MoU

LYIT and Donegal County Council sign MoU

News, Student News, Staff News / Thursday 11 November 2021

MOU to enhance collaboration for significant development of the North West region

LYIT and Donegal County Council this week (8 November) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recognising the important responsibilities that both bodies have in delivering on national and regional policy objectives, and both partners wish to further develop their capacities to achieve their respective missions via enhanced cooperation. 

This MoU aims to further enhance the capacity of both organisations and assist each body in delivering on key strategic objectives.  This collaboration is seen as being significant for the development of Donegal and the broader North West region.

The formal MoU leverages the close working relationship that has been built up between LYIT and Donegal County Council.  Both bodies are leaders in pursuing national policy objectives in relation to cross-border engagement and recent developments regarding the North West City Region will be an important focus for enhanced collaboration.

LYIT President, Paul Hannigan, says: “LYIT is delighted to renew our MoU with Donegal County Council.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Council over the years and we wish to continue this collaboration for the benefit of the citizens of the region.”

Donegal County Council Chief Executive, John G McLaughlin, says: “The renewal of our MOU underscores the value and importance the Council places on working collaboratively with LYIT and third level education.  By working together, we will improve our economic future in the whole North West region and help attract and develop enterprise and jobs.”

The aims of the partnership are consistent with LYIT’s Strategic Plan 2019-23, Donegal County Council’s Corporate Plan 2020-24, and the Donegal Local Economic & Community Plan 2016 – 2022.  The initial aim of the MoU is to promote sustainable economic development and job creation by working with stakeholders to address their various education and training needs.

It will support the further development of the local education infrastructure to enhance the region’s reputation as a leading location for education provision and develop the region’s capacity for Research and Innovation.  Both bodies will examine opportunities for the sharing of resources to assist each of the partners to improve service provision and support Entrepreneurship, Investment, and Enterprise. 

The partnership aims to conserve, manage, support and promote the region’s arts, culture, sport, environment, heritage and the Irish language and continue the development of strategic international partnerships particularly through the Donegal Diaspora initiative. 

Both bodies are committed to deliver on the potential of cross-border collaboration through the North West Gateway Initiative and the opportunities available via Interreg funding and to work collaboratively with the Shared Island Initiative and the objectives of Ireland 2040 for the future growth and development of the entire region.  A Strategic Planning Group will be established and meet regularly to discuss the operation and strategic development of the partnership.  

Photo Caption L-R:
Dr Gertie Taggart (Head of Faculty of Engineering & Technology, LYIT), Billy Bennett (VP for Academic Affairs & Registrar, LYIT), Paul Hannigan (President, LYIT), John McLaughlin (Chief Executive, DCC), John Andy Bonar (VP for Research, Equality and External Affairs, LYIT), and Cllr Martin McDermott (Vice Chair, DCC).


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