Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business is positioned as an externally facing highly responsive higher education School/Faculty which is an outstanding partner to the world of work and industry, coupled with a regionally engaged and nationally significant orientation. The Faculty of Business has a diverse mix of programmes across four departments, namely: Business Studies; Design & Creative Media; Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Skills; and Law & Humanities, with over 150 staff between teaching, administration and technical.

Our aim is to continue our ambition and development as a centre of excellence and specialisation in undergraduate and postgraduate studies with a focus on practice, and to provide leadership and contribute in partnership to a learning and innovation ecosystem that seeks to develop human capital in organisations and communities in our region.  

In particular, areas of excellence the Faculty will continue to capitalise on developing our strengths and reputation beyond the region, nationally and internationally, such as; situated learning in terms of Work Based Learning and Action learning; and postgraduate studies such as Executive and Professional Education. 

While the Faculty has always had a clear focus on teaching, learning and programmes, the focus in recent years has been upon making sense of the research agenda. The research agenda is of increasing importance due to the number of staff undertaking doctoral studies, the pursuit of Technological University criteria and the need for increased public impact. 

Key aspects of recent faculty profile: 

  • Faculty reach and reputation has grown nationally, in areas such in Work Based Learning (Retail, FinTech) and Executive/Professional Education, where programme delivery in partnership with industry is occurring as far away as Dublin, Galway and Limerick. Work Based Learning programmes are partnered with major organisations such as IBEC Retail, General Motors, Pramerica and Allstate. Our two executive master’s programmes in Innovation continue to attract clients from all over Ireland from both the public and private sectors, and also cross border.
  • In terms of the national Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) 2016, the Faculty of Business recorded 9 out of 9 criteria above the national average, and against the Institute mean the Faculty of Business recorded 6 criteria above the Institute average and none below. The Faculty has made a concerted drive to improve internal marketing and communications, enhancing student voice, acknowledgement of student success and developing better engagement.
  • The Faculty is also differentiated by offering significant internationally recognised exemptions from the key accounting, legal, compliance, teaching and sports bodies in Ireland. Professional accreditation is a key attribute that our courses seek to achieve, with a view to improving our credentials in the world of work and securing employment for our graduates. 
  • The Faculty, in collaboration with the development office, has made significant progress in establishing access and traction in recruiting fee paying International students primarily from Asia on to our accounting and business programmes. The Faculty of Business continues to represent a substantial majority of all international students, in 2016/17 the Faculty had 61% of all the incoming Erasmus students, and 55% of Non-EU International Students.
  • Research, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies. Our identity encompasses multi-disciplinary, transdisciplinary, collaborative and open innovation models of research, and will seek to deliver translational and transformative value to our local/regional stakeholders. The challenge in contemporary business research is to combine high impact and social relevance with high academic quality, via a grounded ecosystem within our locality and region, and then to connect this to national and international networks. Working with CoLab, our on-campus innovation hub, unique Masters programmes, postgraduate and doctoral researchers, regional connections, global interconnections, and access to traditional academic research channels, the Faculty plans to ensure that this ecosystem is a reality in the life of our researchers by building a creative culture of exchange, collaboration and happenstance. 
  • During 2016, the Faculty secured over one million euro from external funding and other income sources. In total monetary terms, the Faculty has successfully increased its overall funding value year on year, to its highest in 2016 of €488,868. 

Department of Business Studies

If you want to be part of the dynamic business world, then look no further than the Department of Business Studies at LYIT. We offer a broad range of courses from business, management, marketing, accounting and administration to innovation and leadership. Whatever your talent or level of experience, we have a course that will give you relevant transferable skills and the practical knowledge you need for the world of work. Our expert teaching approach will also ensure you get great personal attention and support.  Graduates of Department of Business Studies programmes have followed many career paths e.g. trainee manager, marketing executive, office manager, trainee accountant, accounts administrator, market researcher, secondary school teacher, personnel officer and sales executive.

The range of programmes in the department now includes full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes, Springboard funded programmes, an increased number of work based learning programmes such as the Retail Management Practice Level 7 and Level 8 degrees and the Higher Diploma in Mainframe Business Information Systems / Certificate in Mainframe Technologies programmes, Executive Masters programmes for the Public and Private Sector, Special Purpose Awards such as the Certificate in Business (Managing and Mentoring People) and the Certificate in Online Marketing, and, Research Masters programmes. 

Department of Design & Creative Media

Design at LYIT offers exciting career opportunities to those with artistic talent, drive and imagination in six unique areas: Graphic & Digital Design, Digital Film & Video, Animation, Fashion with Promotion, Photography and 3D Modelling. Our small studio-based classes have the latest technology to support design-led creative thinking and the acquisition of core business skills. In all our design courses students must use their creativity and drawing skills in the development of their projects. Whether you see yourself working for a design agency, a production house or freelance, the courses offered here are for you. 

The range of programmes in the department now includes fulltime and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes from level 6 to level 9.  The academic year 2016/17 saw the addition of a Springboard funded programme - the Higher Diploma in Arts in 3D Modeling & Animation.

Department of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Skills

This Department is a hub of activity for courses covering the practical elements of professional cookery and the business disciplines required for employment in the wider hospitality, tourism and food technology industries. From a hospitality and tourism perspective a wide variety of courses are offered for direct and indirect customer service roles in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, cruise ships, airlines and tourist attractions. 

Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to work in this exciting industry anywhere in the world.  You will be ready to take on key roles in all areas of an established organisation, including supervisory and business management levels or perhaps be your own boss and start a unique new business. From a gastronomy perspective our courses are designed to channel your enthusiasm for all things culinary so that you become a highly skilled professional chef with excellent knowledge and experience – ready to work anywhere in the world, in different organisations or as an entrepreneur running your own business. 

Department of Law & Humanities

There are three areas of study within this Department: Law, Sports and Languages. Each area of study offers exciting and varied career prospects to graduates, whether they wish to work in local businesses or travel abroad to different organisations overseas. The courses appeal to people with an interest in how law impacts our everyday lives, how sports studies and coaching can transform health performance, and how learning languages and transferable skills can open pathways to many different career opportunities. If you are interested in developing your interest in any of these areas, then your future starts here.

The range of programmes in the department now includes fulltime and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes, a springboard funded programmes - the Higher Diploma in Arts in Governance and Compliance in Financial Services, Masters Programme in Learning and Teaching, and, Research Masters programmes.