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Parking for ATU Donegal staff, students and visitors is available on campus at Port Road Letterkenny on both the campus side and across the Port Road.

Pedestrians should exercise caution when crossing public roadways to enter/leave campus and should always use the pedestrian crossings provided. To use the pedestrian crossings, users must press the call button and await a green light before crossing the road.

The pedestrian crossing points at the Port Road are located within a very busy signalised junction designed to provide safe crossing points for pedestrians, control traffic travelling along the Port Road, and traffic entering and leaving the ATU Donegal campus and Car Park 1. There are times when the traffic travelling along the Port Road is stopped, yet the pedestrian crossing light remains red. This red light for pedestrians allows traffic emerging from the campus and Car Park 1 to safely enter the traffic flow along the Port Road. Pedestrians may not always see the vehicles which are about to make these turning manoeuvres so should never assume that it is safe to cross the road because the traffic to the left and right is stopped. For their own safety, pedestrians are requested to be patient when waiting for the green light and not take chances on crossing at any other time.

In the interests of sustainability, commuters to ATU are encouraged where possible to car share, use public transport and to walk/cycle to ATU. The development of a network of road and cycle lanes throughout the town is welcomed by ATU. Bus set down areas are available on both sides of the Port Road to facilitate use of public transport.

On-campus car parking

533 spaces at Main Campus to North of Port Road.
350 spaces at Car Park opposite Campus to South of Port Road.

Car park P1, at the South Campus, opens Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm during term time. It is locked overnight, at weekends and at all times outside term time. There is a weight restriction of 2.5 tonnes and a height restriction of 2.05m applicable to all vehicles entering this car park. Signalised pedestrian crossings facilities are provided at two separate locations to facilitate pedestrians crossing the Port Rd. from the car park and elsewhere. Crossing at any other point, including the island in the centre of the road, is not permitted as it could lead to a serious accident.

There is a traffic flow restriction barrier on the main campus located between the main building and CoLab. This barrier constrains traffic to flow from the north to the south of the main campus only. This barrier is raised after 4.00 pm when the barrier at the Visitors Car Park lifts to allow traffic flow from south to north to ease traffic congestion.

A visitors' car park is located in the area between the main building and CoLab and access to this car park is available to visitors on legitimate ATU business and by arrangement only. Click here to gain access to the car park.

All car park locations are included in the Campus Plan.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Units

Eight 22 kW Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging units are available for staff, student, and visitor use on campus. Three twin charging units have been installed at Car park 1 and the existing twin EV charger at our visitors’ car park has been upgraded to 22kW. The installation of a twin 22kW charger is in progress on our Killybegs campus.
See here for location and correct use of EV chargers.

Off-campus car parking

  • Church of the Irish Martyrs: located on the Gortlee Road, there are 63 designated spaces for ATU’s use. Please see the diagram below for details.
  • McGinley Motors: a multi-storey car park accessible from close to the courthouse on Justice Walsh Road or opposite the entrance to Letterkenny Community Centre on Pearse Road. Please note that car park charges apply.

Car Park Management


Traffic direction is provided by ATU Donegal contract security staff. Motorists are requested to comply with security personnel direction at all times.

Motorists are requested to exercise courtesy to other motorists by parking in designated parking spaces only and not along roadsides or other non-designated areas.

Overnight parking of caravans, camper vans or similar vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Motorists are requested to use the ATU Donegal campus and off-campus car parks. Under no circumstances should motorists park in local residential or commercial areas as parking in such areas is unwelcome, inconsiderate and can increase road safety hazards. Likewise, motorists must not park on the new cycle lanes at Ramelton Rd. and other areas.


For safety reasons, there are some instances where cars may be clamped. Clamping may occur if a car is –

  • causing obstruction of emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment, access routes, properly parked cars, carriageways
  • on yellow hatched areas or on double yellow lines
  • in places set aside for the disabled where unwarranted, i.e., where a valid registered ‘blue badge’ is not displayed or where prior arrangements have not been made with ATU Donegal Estates Office in the case of temporary physical impairments
  • on grassed or planted areas
  • on, or partially on, footpaths or marked pedestrian walkways
  • in any area cordoned off by traffic cones or other means
  • taking up more than one parking space
  • parked on campus by someone not on ATU business.
  • parked in the visitor’s car park without authorisation
  • a non-Electric vehicle parked in a designated Electric Vehicle charging space

A clamp release fee of €65 is payable to the external clamping company. In some instances warning stickers may be affixed to car windows.


ATU Donegal reserves the right to tow cars off site where they are found to be seriously obstructing traffic flow, blocking emergency exits or parked in the traffic turning lanes approaching the traffic signals at the car park entry/exit points.

A fee of €100 will be payable to the external towing company in order to recover the car on the day it is towed away or the day immediately afterwards.

Recovery costs increase by €10 per day for collection on the third or subsequent days after towing.

Contact details for towing service are available from Security personnel and from main reception.


CCTV is in operation in car parks for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety only. The scheme is controlled by ATU Donegal Estates Office. Please note that under the data protection legislation, recorded CCTV images are not available to persons other than the controllers and members of the Gardaí when investigating crimes. CCTV is not provided as a means of investigating causes of damage to vehicles. Please be aware that cars will be parked at the owners’ risk at all times. ATU accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or contents while on the premises.