When you need any information about examinations – from timetables to exam locations or results – please visit this section or talk to our team on campus in the Examinations Office.

LYIT’s Examinations Office is open Monday to Friday from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Contact the team on 074 9186124 or by email exams@lyit.ie
Summer Exam Period
Summer exams:  Wednesday, 10 May, to Friday, 19 May. 
You can view the Summer Exam timetables online
Please remember that these timetables are subject to change at any time during the exam period. 

Seating Plan
It is vital that you check your seat location before each examination (Seating Plan).  Remember to bring your Student ID card and display it on the desk for the duration of each exam.  Please remember that you may have a different seat/location for some exams and this is in the exception/note column. 

Important Information: The following instruction must be adhered to during the examinations: 
  • Candidates must attend for an examination at least 15 minutes before the appointed time for the start of the examination.  Check your seating plan before the exam on the web.
  • Display your ID card on the desk.
  • Only authorised materials should be retained on your desk during the examination.  All other materials and belongings not specifically allowed should be placed at the front of the room.
  • Mobile phones, IPods and any electronic equipment must be switched off and placed outside the exam centre, if found using any such equipment they will be removed by the exam invigilator and the assessment regulations committee will investigate same with serious outcomes for those found to be cheating
  • You cannot leave the examination hall during the first hour or the last 30 minutes of the examination.  If you need to leave the room temporarily you will be accompanied by an invigilator.
  • Admission after the first half hour may only be permitted with prior permission of the exams officer and only if there are mitigating circumstances.
  • No extra time will normally be allowed to a candidate who arrives late for an examination session unless mitigating circumstances are accepted by the exams officer or invigilator.
  • A candidate who arrives late will be admitted without question during the first half hour of an examination.
  • Only mathematical calculators are used.
  • Please complete the front cover of the answer book before the start of the examination.
  • Please read carefully all the instructions on the examination paper.
  • Please check that you have the correct question paper, and note the duration of the examination.
  • Any queries regarding the question paper should be raised during reading time.  The answer to any query will be announced to all candidates taking the examination.  Raise your hand for the attention of an invigilator.
  • Once the examination has been complete you must submit your answer book(s) to the invigilator and sign the exam attendance registrar.
  • Candidates which have been allocated extra time must display your card on the desk.
  • Please leave the exam hall & centre at the end of the examination quickly and quietly to ensure the minimum disruption to the remaining Candidates.
Examination Results

Examination Results will be published after 2.00 pm on Monday, 12 June 2017
To view your examination results click here.
Guidelines for accessing results online: Exam Web Guide

What do the following abbreviations mean on my exam results?
PS                Pass
EX                Exemption(s) granted - you are exempt from the subjects which you have passed i.e. above 40% and repeat any subjects under 40%
AB                Absent from examination
FL                Fail – no Exemptions gained at current sitting
EB                Exam Board Decision - please see your Head of Department for further information DE Deferral of Result(s)
I                   Deferral of subject - a deferral is granted if you have extenuating circumstances – it means that you will need to sit the exam in the next available exam session.  Please check the website for your examination timetable when available

If I have a query about my exam result, who should I contact?
If your exam results are not available on-line it may be due to the fact that you are not fully registered and need to pay your outstanding fees.  If you need to pay fees please contact our Fees Office on 074-9186125.  If you have any queries on your exam results please contact your relevant school:
School of Business – 074-916210/074 9186206/074-9186209
School of Engineering – 074-9186410
School of Science – 074-9186310
School of Tourism 074-9186612

What are overall percentages for awards?

Honours Degree

First Class Honours – 70% - 100%
Second Class Honours Grade 1 – 60% - 69%
Second Class Honours Grade 11 – 50% - 59%
Pass – 40% - 49%

Ordinary Degree/Higher Certificate
Distinction – 70% - 100%
Merit 1 – 60% - 69%
Merit 2 – 50% - 59%
Pass – 40% - 49%

Compensation and Progression Compensation

A candidate who fails to attain the required pass standard in one or two of the modules in an Examination, may, nevertheless, pass the overall examination by compensation, within the limits set out below.
  • Candidates may only compensate where the total credit value for which compensation is sought does not exceed 10 credits in any one semester.  (In practice, therefore, a candidate may compensate in one 10 credit module or two 5 credit modules.  The maximum number of modules passed by compensation between Semester 1 and 2 examinations is four – that is, no more than two 5 credit modules in Semester 1 and no more than two 5 credit modules in Semester 2).
  • The marks obtained in the examination module(s) being considered for compensation must not be lower than 35p%, where the pass standard is 40%.
  • Aggregate excess gross marks above the pass standard obtained in examination modules which have been passed must be at least double the weighted deficiency in the examination module(s) being considered for compensation.  Where 10 credit modules are involved the marks must be weighted to reflect the number of credits.
  • Compensation can only apply where all the examination marks appropriate to a particular semester are achieved at the same sitting e.g. a candidate who has been granted exemptions at a previous examination session, and is presenting in the remaining examination modules in a semester, may not pass the semester by compensation.
  • Compensation may be applied only to enable a candidate to pass in the examination as a whole.  It may not be applied to grant exemptions or additional exemptions.
Consultation Day(s)
It's important to get feedback on your exam performance from your lecturers when you can. To ensure you get this quality time, Consultation Day has been set up for students to meet with lecturers individually. This is your chance to get advice on how you personally can perform better in exams.

Consultation Day: Wednesday 14 June, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Review/Recheck of Examination Results
‌ ‌If, as a student, you think that your exam results seem incorrect you can ask for a review or a recheck of your papers after the results have been issued.

Your request must be made to the Examinations Officer on the official application form within five working days of the examination results being posted on this website. You’ll find the procedures for rechecks, reviews and appeals, along with the application form, by following the link below.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 16 June at 12.30 pm.

To apply for a recheck for review of examination results:  Recheck - Review Application Form
Transcript of Results
A Transcript(s) of results may be obtained from each School or the Examinations Office depending on when your exams were undertaken/completed.

Pre-2002, you should contact your School/Department directly by contacting:

School of Science
Department of Science +353 74 9186310 marina.doherty@lyit.ie
Department of Nursing & Health Studies +353 74 9186308 olivia.robb@lyit.ie
Department of Computing +353 74 9186306 marnie.grier@lyit.ie
School of Business
Department of Business Studies +353 74 9186210 schoolofbusiness.admin@lyit.ie
Department of Law & Humanities
Department of Design & Creative Media
School of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering & Construction +353 74 9186406 suzanne.boyle@lyit.ie
Department of Electronic & Mechanical Engineering
Post-2002, please contact the Examinations Office on exams@lyit.ie.
Replacement Certificate
LYIT has had delegated authority to grant Awards since 2006.  All awards prior to this were issued by HETAC (formerly known as NCEA), now known as QQI.

Awards Pre-2006

If you require a duplicate parchment for an Award achieved prior to 2006, you will have to go to the QQI website and download the necessary documentation as follows:
  1. Go to www.qqi.ie.
  2. Scroll down the page and select I am…a Learner.
  3. Then select Replacement Certificate Information.
  4. Here you will find forms you will need to complete and send back to the QQI together with a fee.
  5. You will require a reference number.  This is your previous student number, and can be obtained from the LYIT Examinations Office (exams@lyit.ie).
Awards Post-2006

LYIT issue all duplicate parchments post-2006 and the following procedure should be followed:
  1. 1. You must contact the Examinations Office (+353 74 9186127/grainne.mcbrearty@lyit.ie) to notify them of your intention to seek a Replacement Certificate.
  2. 2. You will be required to submit a Statutory Declaration  to state that the original parchment is irretrievably lost or destroyed, and this must be signed and sealed/stamped by a Commissioner for Oaths or a practicing solicitor.
  3. 3. Along with your declaration, you must complete an Additional Information Form so that each request can be easily verified.
  4. 4. The applicant must pay a fee of €65 per duplicate parchment (postage charges may also apply).  This payment is made online, klick link for instructions on how to pay.
  5. 5. Once all forms and payment has been submitted to the Examinations Office, a duplicate parchment will be issued to you.
Diploma Supplement
What is the European Diploma Supplement?
New qualifications proliferate worldwide and countries are constantly changing their qualification systems and educational structures. With an increasing number of mobile citizens seeking fair recognition of their qualifications outside their home countries, the non-recognition and poor evaluation of qualifications is now a global problem. Since original credentials alone do not always provide sufficient information, it may be difficult to gauge the level and function of a qualification without detailed explanations. The European Diploma Supplement is a response to these challenges.

It promotes transparency in higher education and fair and informed judgements about qualifications.  It aids graduate mobility and facilitates access to lifelong learning opportunities. It also accommodates rapid changes in qualifications.  LYIT produces the European Diploma Supplement according to a template jointly developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

How do I get my Diploma Supplement?
From 2010 students can access their academic documents online through a secure electronic document system.  Students log into the system with their student ID and their password/pin number. The online system can be accessed via the following link: Digitary Student/Graduate Electronic System.  Once logged into the system, you can view documents that are available to you. Simply follow the steps in the system. If you are having difficulty please refer to the user guide.

Sample of the LYIT Diploma Supplement Document
Sample of a Transcript of Results
For more information see the official website of the Bologna Process.