Let's Speak Italian Level 2

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Further develop your knowledge of spoken Italian and continue on your exploration of Italian life and culture. Using a communicative approach, this course will help you improve your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening to everyday Italian. Avanti!

Module Overview Content Description
Week 1: Parlo un po’l’italiano! Introducing and talking about yourself
Week 2: Un giorno tipico Talking about daily routine. Introduction to present tense
Week 3: Mi piace…. Talking about interests and hobbies
Week 4: Una bella pasta Talking about food and following a recipe. Italian specialties
Week 5: Cosa fa lei? Finding out what people do. Describing jobs
Week 6: Casa dolce casa Talking about houses, rooms and furniture
Week 7: Come si arriva al centro? Finding your way around and asking for help. Weather vocab
Week 8: Mi da due etti, per favore? Shopping for food and clothes. Numbers and quantities
Week 9: Al mare, al mare! Talking about holidays. Future tenses
Week 10: Avete una camera libra? Booking a hotel room. Checking in. Talking about past holidays
Week 11: Quando parte il treno per… Finding out about public transport. Following and giving directions
Week 12: Ma parli bene bene! Looking back at what you know. Progress check


Entry Requirements 

Completion of Let's Speak Italian Level 1

Application Requirements

To apply for any short course please download the following application form: Lifelong Learning Application Form


The fee for this course is €180. 

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