Let's Speak Italian Level 1

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Discover more about the beautiful country of Italy and, even better, learn how to chat with its friendly inhabitants. Using communicative methods, this course will not only give you the tools to speak to Italians in a range of everyday situations, but it will also provide an insight into the rich traditions, customs, and food of the ‘Bel Paese, (the beautiful country, as Italians refer to it). 

Module Overview  Content Description 
Week 1: Ciao bella! Let’s see how many Italian words you know already (and how to pronounce them). Greetings and introducing yourself
Week 2: La bella Italia Talking about where you’re from. Learning about Italian cities and their citizens
Week 3: La famiglia Talking about the family. Introducing other people
Week 4: Un caffe per favore Ordering in a bar/ restaurant. Offering a drink to other people.
Week 5: Lavoro, lavoro Talking about jobs. Asking questions and using the negative
Week 6: Casa mia Describing where you live.
Week 7: Piazza San Marco?? Directions and asking for help.
Week 8: Cuanto costa? Shopping for food and clothes.
Week 9: Buon appetito Reading a menu and ordering a meal. Likes and dislikes
Week 10: Hotel Bellavista Booking a hotel room. Checking in
Week 11: Autobus, tram, treni Asking about public transport. Buying tickets
Week 12: Ma parli italiano! Looking back at what you know. Progress check

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The fee for this course is €180. 

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