Irish History

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Participants will learn about events in Irish History from Medieval times to the 21st century. The course is unique in Donegal in particular because, at present, there is none of its kind in the county. It enables the participant to look at Ireland’s past in a different light from what they would have done so before. The course promotes good research and communication skills and the participant will be given the opportunity to discuss, debate or present their own arguments on a particular topic if they wish. Ireland has a deep rooted and fascinating past which is both captivating and exciting.

This course enables the study of that through writing and presentations on any particular historical event which is of particular interest to the participant. The course is both practical and highly informative. The teacher, Colleen Kelly, is a History graduate from the University of Ulster who has researched and wrote on many topics, including Irish Emigration to America in the 19th century, The Flight of The Earls and Women in Institutions in Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Module Overview Content Description 
Week 1 Introduction, Writing, Research Skills
Week 2 Ireland’s first settlers
Week 3 Arrival of the first Norsemen/Vikings in Ireland
Week 4 Rebellion of Hugh O’Neill and The Flight of The Earls
Week 5  The Plantation of Ulster
Week 6 The Great Famine
Week 7 Irish Emigration to Britain and America
Week 8  The Land War
Week 9  Home Rule in Ireland
Week 10 The Easter Rising
Week 11 Civil War in Ireland, Constitution of Eire
Week 12 Open focus on any topic of interest i.e. The Irish Outlaw in Folk History (Ned Kelly)

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The fee for this course is €180. 

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