Chris Chan (Wai Yin Chai)

BA (Hons) in Law with Criminal Justice

Nathan Chris Yin Wai Chan, a native of Hong Kong moved to Letterkenny as a child where his family still lives. He credits his education at LYIT with helping him develop essential skills to further his career. Chris graduated with a Bachelor degree in Law with Criminal Justice with Honours in 2016 from LYIT. He went on to do the Advanced Diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law with the Honourable Society of King’s Inns. Recently, Chris passed the entrance exam for the Barrister-at-Law Degree with King’s Inns where he plans to become a barrister in the foreseeable future. He will continue to work as an Analyst at Facebook in Dublin whilst studying. “I’ve to pay the bills, “ he laughs. Initially Chris wanted to become a Gardaí but says LYIT helped to open his eyes to the various paths you can take in Law. He suggests, “Many people think the only route is to become a lawyer.” Chris is a prime example.  Upon graduating he was snapped up by GlobeTech, a subsidiary company with Apple in Cork, before being employed by CPL Solutions, a recruitment firm who specialise in employing professional staffers for Facebook, where he currently works as a Community Operations Analyst.

“The Law degree from LYIT has an excellent reputation,” adds Chris. It is accepted by King’s Inns and enables LYIT graduates to sit the entrance exams for the King’s Inns to become a barrister. This shows the recognition for the degree held by the professional body that is responsible for training barristers, including former Presidents, judges and Ministers who have read the law. Importantly it saves LYIT graduates a further 2 years studying for a legal Diploma.

The Law course at LYIT is very topical and interactive says Chris, “In addition to traditional lectures we engaged in more in- depth discussion in tutorial classes. I enjoyed it.”  Another big advantage he outlines is the accessibility of lecturers, “I couldn’t have got as far without their guidance.” Describing the facilities at LYIT Chris says the library and online databases are excellent and were essential in his studies.

It was the welcoming and friendly atmosphere at LYIT, which Chris believes ignited his desire to learn more and most importantly, helped him to “figure out who I truly want to become in life.” By getting involved in various societies Chris believes he gained valuable experience. “I chaired a political society in 2nd year, and the Law Society in 3rd year. This gave me opportunities to organise events and visits for students. It’s a great way to meet people too.’’

When thinking about a college he suggests that students need to consider the overall experience on campus. It’s not just about going for the college with highest rankings and reputation. “How enriching the experience is, can affect how you perform.”

His advice to prospective students, “Don’t doubt your capabilities and don’t limit yourself. LYIT is an excellent college to study Law and will prepare you well regardless of what route you wish to take.”