LYIT President encourages all students to take up their place at LYIT

LYIT President encourages all students to take up their place at LYIT

News / Tuesday 16 June 2020

“We look forward to welcoming all new students on campus”

LYIT prides itself on the student experience at both its Letterkenny and Killybegs campuses. Students enjoy a dynamic learning environment with different events throughout the academic year as well as an abundance of clubs and societies. 

The current global public health pandemic has impacted us all in many ways. This is particularly true for third level students who want to know what the coming academic year will look like and how, in a time of restriction with limited economic opportunity, they can best progress with study toward careers that will be essential as we forge a path through recovery. 

LYIT had 3,500 full-time and 1,000 part-time students enrolled on courses this year.  Plans are being made to welcome new first year students and returning students back to both campuses. The executive management team have been putting plans in place to ensure that the new academic year will give new first year students the traditional LYIT student experience.

Paul Hannigan, President of LYIT, encourages all applicants: “We will try our very best to make it the best possible college experience for them all,” he said. “School leavers have been out of school since March and have had no opportunity to do their Leaving Cert. They now need certainty in terms of how they move forward with their lives. We have very good applications through the CAO and we look forward to welcoming all new students on campus”.

LYIT is anxious to make strong contact with the first year students. “It is important that we build a strong relationship with them, just like we do with second, third and fourth years,” says Mr Hannigan. “That’s the strength of the college – the student/staff relationship and I think a lot of what we have managed to achieve since March (lockdown) is because of that relationship”.

“Our objective is to try and get through the next academic year as best we can. Hopefully by that stage they’ll have found a way of dealing effectively with this virus and we’ll all be back to normal come September 2021,” Mr Hannigan said.

“The health and well-being of our staff and students will always be our key concern and we aim to deliver our programmes in a way that is safe, inclusive and supportive for all our students.  I would encourage all students who receive an offer of a place to take up that option.  There is nothing to be gained in not pursuing your college course this year.  Life doesn’t stand still and we want people to move on with their own lives”. 


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