Be Another One of our Success Stories with the MSc in Marketing

Be Another One of our Success Stories with the MSc in Marketing

News, Student News, Staff News / Wednesday 6 July 2022

Upskill yourself with the most up to date marketing techniques and expertise

Over the years, many well-known marketers, influencers, brand ambassadors, and senior marketing managers have studied Marketing at ATU Donegal.


Megan Kelly, Director of Global Events and Production at Junk Kouture, is a graduate of the MSc in Marketing programme at ATU Donegal and she highly recommends the MSc in Marketing programme.

Atlantic Technical University has provided me with a great education and lots of resources and opportunities here in Donegal. I chose to do my MSc in Marketing at ATU Donegal, primarily for two reasons. Firstly, with the great reputation of the university, and then secondly, I felt the course would enhance my existing practical skills gained from working in industry, while also furthering my strategic skills to help my career progression within my employment. ATU is equipped with a number of lecturers who create interests and understandings due to their passion in the field of marketing. The programme helped me develop my skillset and now I have extensive knowledge and confidence across many different areas such as digital marketing and understanding consumer behaviours. The course offered guest lectures, talks from companies and career orientated events. I enjoyed the rhythm of the lectures and tutorials and feel that it was an enjoyable year of study! I believe that the MSc in Marketing is a great course and with living and working remotely in Buncrana it was a no brainer for me to study at ATU. I would highly recommend the MSc in Marketing.”


Sinead Fowley, graduated from the MSc in Marketing Practice in 2017 and has only positive things to say about her experiences on the course. 

One aspect of the course that I particularly liked was that it enabled me to study advanced marketing theory, and then, practically apply this knowledge via an industry placement. I found the lecturers supportive and the course content engaging. Additionally, I found the overall campus environment really welcoming and set up in a manner to facilitate students to best achieve their academic goals. I believe that this course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in my career. I would highly recommend this programme to ​anyone wishing to take a practical approach to their learning as well as those wishing to broaden their career opportunities.”


Megan and Sinead are representative of the many graduates that have excelled and enjoyed the MSc in Marketing programme at ATU Donegal.


The innovative postgraduate programme is developed around the application and practice of evolving marketing ideas. With a focus on data analytics and advanced digital marketing, students will also study omni-channel marketing communications and consumer behaviour to further strengthen the focus on the customer, focusing on the most up to date consumer analysis tools.

The knowledge and practical experience students gain from the applied and hands-on ‘real world’ projects empowers learners to take on a range of specialised roles in the marketing departments of major national and international companies. The programme provides experience through an industry work placement which develops students strategic marketing instincts and creative abilities, enhancing their professional expertise and personal development.



If you are considering postgraduate study in Marketing, consider ATU Donegal’s MSc in Marketing programme. The programme is available in a full-time and part-time capacity at the Letterkenny campus.


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