LYIT Sponsors Access to Studyclix Platform

LYIT Sponsors Access to Studyclix Platform

News, Student News, Staff News / Friday 28 January 2022

LYIT Sponsors Access to Studyclix Platform to 6th Year Students in Donegal

More than 1,500 sixth year students from across Donegal will benefit from this partnership, that will allow students to get expert exam tips and see past papers broken down by topic. The Studyclix platform breaks down each Leaving Certificate subject by topic, provides exam questions, sample answers, marking schemes, quizzes and videos. The site is extremely popular with Leaving Certificate students across Ireland and additionally, more than 90% of second level teachers use the service.

The ‘Sponsor a Donegal School’ campaign with LYIT will allow students from all backgrounds to have access to the platform. LYIT works in partnership with students and staff to create and maintain an inclusive learning and working environment and a key component of LYIT’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy is widening participation and developing enhanced supports for students from underrepresented groups.

John Andy Bonar, Vice President for Research, Equality and External Affairs commented, “Providing equity of access to education is a significant focus for LYIT. We are committed to promoting and advancing equality in all our activities and we strive to provide an inclusive and diverse teaching, learning, research and working environment free from discrimination and unfair treatment. Providing access to the Studyclix platform to all 6th year students in the county ties in with the work that we have been doing at LYIT. We are here to support and serve our region and community, and this will benefit all Leaving Certificate students in the region, which is exactly what we are here to do.”

This initiative represents a significant financial investment by LYIT, and it will support Donegal schools and all Leaving Certificate students across the county. Similar to third-level, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the second-level teaching and learning environment, schools had to progress into working with online teaching and learning tools, and this initiative will support students to develop their study skills and to put their best foot forward in what has been the most turbulent time in educational history.

Tom Rowan, Principal of St. Columba’s College Stranorlar, whose 6th year students will be given free access to Studyclix commented, “We were delighted to hear the announcement of the LYIT sponsorship package to provide free access to Studyclix to all our 6th Year students in St. Columba’s College. It will certainly benefit all students as it removes any financial issues or barriers that may exist and moves towards a more equitable and inclusive position for all involved.  This initiative is one of many that the LYIT have introduced to provide equality of opportunity for students in the North West and is very much appreciated by students, staff and parents in St. Columba’s College.

Victoria Wilson, LYIT Schools Engagement Officer, added “LYIT’s relationship with schools in the county is significantly important. Being able to support schools and young people in the region is a central focus of LYIT’s Schools Engagement activities. We look forward to developing this link with LYIT and Studyclix.”

Studyclix founder and geography teacher Luke Saunders, said he was delighted to team up with LYIT, particularly as Studyclix was a company based in the North West. He commented, “As a North West based company with our headquarters in Sligo, I am especially delighted to be able to support schools in Donegal. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rapid progression to online teaching and learning tools, and we have continued to develop the Studyclix product to meet the needs of students and teachers.”

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