LYIT and Údarás na Gaeltachta sign MoU

LYIT and Údarás na Gaeltachta sign MoU

News, Student News, Staff News / Wednesday 3 November 2021

MOU to support regional development with a specific focus on the Irish language

LYIT and Údarás na Gaeltachta today (2 November 2021) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recognising the responsibilities that both organisations have in delivering on national and regional policy objectives, both partners wish to further develop their capacities to achieve their respective missions via enhanced cooperation through this MoU.

This formal MoU leverages the close working relationship that has been built up between LYIT and Údarás na Gaeltachta over the years.  Both bodies are leaders in pursuing national policy objectives in relation to regional development and with a specific focus on the Irish language.

Initial aims of the partnership are consistent with LYIT’s Strategic Plan 2019-23 and Údarás na Gaeltacht’s Strategic Plan 2021- 2025.  The initial aims of the partnership are to work together to develop remote working opportunities through the gTeic network and CoLab.

Both bodies aim to promote sustainable economic development and job creation by working with stakeholders to address their various education and training needs. 

LYIT President Paul Hannigan says: “We are delighted to be formally recognising our engagement with Údarás through this MoU.  Our partnership spans many years and previously as a long-standing member of our Governing Body.  We look forward to the future as we move towards Technological University (TU) status.”

Údarás na Gaeltacht Chief Executive, Michael Heaney says: “Údarás na Gaeltachta are delighted to be signing a formal Memorandum of Understanding with LYIT.  Údarás na Gaeltachta have worked in close partnership with LYIT across a range of sectors over the years, skills development, research and development, the digital economy, tourism, and community development to name some. We very much look forward to consolidating and further developing this partnership in the context of this Memorandum of Understanding and to working in collaboration with LYIT to develop the Donegal Gaeltacht’s resources.”

The MoU will support the further development of the local education infrastructure to enhance the region’s reputation as a leading location for education provision and develop the region’s capacity for Research and Innovation. It will also promote and support Entrepreneurship, Investment, and Enterprise. 

The MoU aims to examine opportunities for the sharing of resources to assist each of the partners to improve service provision and collaborate on the promotion and use of the Irish language in training and development activities. Both bodies will continue the development of strategic international partnerships particularly through the Donegal Diaspora initiative and the Gaeltacht Diaspora Initiative. Furthermore, they will collaborate to promote community development and social enterprise in the Donegal Gaeltacht Region and identify and advance emerging sectors which can assist in the sustainable development of the region.

A Strategic Planning Group will be established and meet quarterly to discuss the operation and strategic development of the partnership.  This group will set terms of reference to be agreed by the President (LYIT) and Chief Executive (Údarás na Gaeltacht) which will involve development of the partnership and proposals for the further enhancement of the relationship between the two parties.

LYIT along with its partners GMIT and IT Sligo is likely to be delegated as a TU in early 2022 and this should further enhance the collaboration initiative.

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